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          Work / life

          job interview tips to advice on taking a career break; food and drink releases (hello healthy Nando's) to Ikea hacks, via some A-Level and GCSE focussed content.

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          They're having an absolute moment

          8 things that sum up our lockdown experience

          A quarantine virtual time capsule

          TikTok users are loving this ice cube filling hack

          The more you know!

          Asda's three new gins are based on the sweets of your childhood

          Perfect for the sunny weather!

          Cosmo staffers share their non-guilty pleasures RN

          Self-care comes in many different forms

          10 best pillows to suit every type of sleeper

          504 Gateway Time-out

          10 best cheap wireless headphones that don’t compromise on sound quality

          You don’t need to spend big to find a pair of quality headphones

          6 best pod coffee machines you can buy now

          The simple way to create barista-quality coffee at home

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          Weighted blankets: everything you need to know, plus 12 recommendations

          Because everyone is super-anxious right now

          How to throw the ultimate birthday party in lockdown

          From the apps to know to the funniest games to play 🤩🎉

          How will socialising change as coronavirus lockdown lifts?

          What will socialising look like on the other side?

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          Cheap garden furniture pieces to invest in ahead of summer

          Turn that patio into a cute beer garden 😍

          How do your current job worries compare to everyone else's?

          The coronavirus pandemic has understandably caused concern

          What will going back to work look like post-coronavirus lockdown?

          17 things worth buying on Amazon to get you through lockdown

          From the chocolate we love to the coolest board game

          What will weddings look like in a post-coronavirus lockdown world?

          Socially distanced vows? No finger food?

          The best would you rather questions: a definitive list

          Like, would you rather an unlimited gift card to McDonalds or Pret? 🤔

          The best true or false quiz questions for an easier take on a Zoom quiz

          You've got a 50% chance of getting the answer right


          For when you want to quiz, but mainly drink

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