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          Home and interiors

          Ikea hacks for your bedroom and living room; homeware galleries from H&M or Primark; or even tips on making a small space look bigger. We've got you covered.

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          From cleansing and healing to harnessing their ~mystical~ powers 💎

          Best desks and chairs for emergency home office setups

          Save your back - it's time for an actual desk 🙏

          11 of the best wall art prints, to brighten up your flat

          Because, erm, we're seeing more of our walls than usual

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          How to get rid of bedbugs once and for all

          Plus, where they hide and what they look like.

          House plants you can buy online, if you want to bring the outside in

          Sometimes you just need a little boost

          Bedding sets that will give your room an instant makeover

          We really want to cosy up in #4 😻

          19 items that will completely transform your WFH space

          BRB, adding all of these to cart.

          The best diffusers to make your home look and feel zen AF

          Turn your house into a 24/7 aromatherapy session 🙏

          It's GORGEOUS

          What is shared ownership? Here’s everything you need to know

          Answering all the important questions

          CosmoLiving furniture - shop the best buys from our new range

          Every piece looks like it was born for Pinterest 😍

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