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          Best Twitter reactions to Harry Styles wearing a dress for his latest cover shoot

          "Harry with a dress is my new religion." 🙏😍

          • Harry Styles wears a dress for the new The Guardian Weekend cover shoot
          • Scroll down to see the pics, along with the best Twitter reactions to Harry's outfit

            Harry Styles is having one helluva week. In addition to partaking in that hilariously, savage and, let's be honest, kinda disgusting Q&A with his ex Kendall Jenner, Hazza's just gone and dropped his new 'Fine Lines' album this morning - putting our week into rather harsh perspective.

            Side note: if you haven't already watched the interview, do yourself a favour and block out the next 10 mins for some pure, unbridled joy.

            But as glorious as these events are the focus of this story, my friends, is Harry's latest mag cover. 'Why?' you ask? Because it's bloody brilliant.

            For The Guardian Weekend's latest issue, Harry is photographed wearing a tonne of ridiculously stylish ~lewks~ (as is his way). Our favourite outfit, however, is his unexpected dress, which looks approx. five zillion bucks.

            Scroll through below to see the Harry wearing a dress over a ruffly AF shirt, all while looking like the sexiest man to walk the planet:

            Harry's stylist, Harry Lambert, then went on to share more pictures from the shoot on Instagram and our hearts can't handle it:

            Wow, just WOW.

            I am definitely not okay.

            Harry's gender-fluid fashion sense has always given his fans life, and these new pics are like adding fuel to the world's thirstiest fire, with Twitter absolutely losing it over the pics. Scroll down to see the best reactions to Harry's dress:

            "Like how does he look better in a dress then ME?!!! Like how??? This makes me love him even more if that’s even possible"

            "Harry with a dress is my new religion. #HarryStyles"


            "His nails His eyes His dress His rings"

            So there you have it, folks: Harry Styles is continuing to kick goals, accelerate heart rates and push boundaries all at the same time. Find a more perfect man, I'll wait.

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