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          Molly-Mae's new PrettyLittleThing collab features a designer dupe

          This looks... familiar 👀

          With the festive season officially upon us, Molly-Mae's new PrettyLittleThing party collaboration couldn't be better timed.

          The range, brimming with velvet, sequins and satin pieces, is eye-catching in the best way possible. But one piece in particular caught our attention for a slightly different reason: it looks super familiar.

          For those of you who haven't already seen the collab, Molly-Mae expertly models the range alongside another one of the brand's curve models .

          The item in question? The black embellished blazer worn alongside a pair of the range's bike shorts:

          Black Basic Velvet Cycle Short
          PrettyLittleThing prettylittlething.com

          If you feel like you've seen it before, there might be a super simple explanation as for why.

          Cast your mind back to 2015 and you'll remember that Balmain x H&M was one of the first major designer high street collabs, a hyped launch faced by a load of cool celebrities. In fact, for the premiere, Kendall Jenner famously arrived wearing one of the range's It-pieces: a bedazzled black blazer.

          Getty Images

          Aaaand here it is from the side:

          Getty Images

          Now, we're a bit confused. For starters, there's an undeniable resemblance, however, it's unclear whether the blazer is actually part of the collab or not. While Molly definitely wears the piece in link for the shorts, it seems to be mysteriously missing from the on-site collab page:

          In search of more info, we reached out to PrettyLittleThing, who have confirmed that this blazer is part of Molly-Mae's party edit, and will be available to buy online in the next week or so.

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