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          Where to buy face masks in the UK

          Plus, everything you need to know about wearing and washing them

          Chrissy Teigen posts photo from inside her smear test

          She urged followers to remember to keep up with cervical screenings.


          Kim posted a video of herself in a waist slimming corset on Instagram.

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          Why you shouldn't sleep naked in hot weather

          Even though it's probably all you want to do in this heatwave

          Ciara has posted a new pregnancy picture and it's fire

          She looks *unreal*

          12 foods that will help prevent sunburn

          AS WELL AS sunscreen. Don't think you can get away with that one.

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          How to tell if you've got sun stroke

          There are some surprising symptoms.

          How unhealthy really is it to drink alcohol every night?

          Blame lockdown.

          When can we expect gyms to reopen?

          If the home workouts just don't feel the same.

          Miley Cyrus reveals she's been sober for 6 months

          She said there's a history of addiction in her family.

          PureGym reveals what gyms will be like when they reopen after lockdown

          Good news: way less busy

          8 actually useful ways to stop bloating

          You don't have to just sit through the pain of it.

          15 of the best alcohol-free and low alcohol drink options

          From non-alcoholic wine to beers, gins and Prosecco, we review our favourites.

          How flushing the toilet could spread coronavirus

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