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          molly mae lip colour

          Celebrity Hair & Makeup

          This is Molly-Mae's signature lip colour

          She really has nailed the MLBB shade

          ashley graham eyebrow makeup
          Ashley Graham's £3 eyebrow hack is a game changer

          No soap required.

          molly mae youtube
          Molly-Mae changed her foundation after the drama

          She addressed the controversy in her latest YouTube video.

          jeffree star peppermint frost palette
          Fans are pissed with Jeffree Star's latest palette
          He should have listed 'drama' as an exclusive item in his mystery bo…
          Jonathan Van Ness Holy Grail Beauty Products
          JVN's holy grail beauty is...unexpected

          From his signature fragrance to the £2.39 hair spray he swears by...

          jaclyn hill lying highlighters sold out
          People think Jaclyn Hill is lying about her highlighters selling out

          "Somehow within a 2 weeks time frame you have a full restock?"

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          dianne buswell makeup
          The £3.99 makeup product Dianne Buswell swears by

          You may not be able replicate her Cha, Cha, Cha, but you can replicate her lashes

          jeffree star extreme frost highlighter
          Jeffree Star is being called out for launching a $50 highlighter

          "Jesus Christ. And he’s gonna say Jaclyn's palettes are expensive......"

          jaclyn hill face
          Jaclyn Hill responds to comments about her changing face

          "My nose filler, under eye filler and botox have basically all worn off"

          mario dedivanovic kim kardashian makeup collection
          Mario Dedivanovic created his desert island eyeshadow palette with Kim Kardashian

          The Artist and Muse collection is everything we hoped for and more.

          Is the YouTube beauty community cancelled?

          Shamed, stripped of their followings and sponsorship deals - can the online beauty community survive another scandal?

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          shane dawson jeffree star episodes drama
          Shane Dawson just revealed there might not be any more Jeffree Star episodes

          This is worse than our favourite TV show getting cancelled.

          Billie Eilish haircut
          OMG Billie Eilish's mullet was actually a pretty horrifying accident

          The stuff of nightmares, tbh

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          jaclyn hill halloween party costume
          Jaclyn Hill defended her Halloween costume after fans called it "repulsive"

          She dressed up as the 'cancelled' version of herself.

          jeffree star tati westbrook
          Jeffree Star has unfollowed Tati Westbrook on social media

          The YouTube beauty community is getting messy again...

          Kylie Jenner says this foundation is perfect
          This is the foundation that Kylie Jenner says is "perfect"

          Get your brushes at the ready

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