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          Vote for the Next 'American 美女 Star' Winner and Enter to 赢得 a 'COSMO' Subscription

          Will it be Diana, Axel, or Lucy?


          The season 2 finale of Lifetime's addicting beauty competition series American 美女 Star

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          你是 the judge. Yep, you get to pick who will be the winner of season two. Simply cast a vote and you're automatically entered to win a free year-long subscription to COSMO!

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          访问 American美女Star.com/Vote to place your ballot.


            文本 the name of your fave contestant to 1 (844) 658-STAR.


              Tweet your finalist-of-choice's #hashtag to @Am美女Star.

                To qualify for the sweepstakes (you wanna win a subscription to COSMO, don't you?!), just take a screenshot to show us you voted and tweet it to us (we're at @COSMOpolitan) with the hashtag #COSMOABSSweepstakes. A winner will be chosen after the ABS finale airs on Lifetime. (Note: you must be 18 years or older to cast a vote.)

                If you need to catch up on all-things American 美女 Star, click 这里 to binge watch the entire season.


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