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喜欢,我会出现与粉红色的头发感恩节晚餐? maybs。


我可能是少数在这里,但恕我直言, Halloween is kinda overrated. Like, as soon as fall weather hits, there’s nothing I look forward to more than throwing my cat ears to the back of my closet and prepping for my personal favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Trust me when I say Thanksgiving is the ideal time to flex your beauty game, ’cause even if your clothes are black, gray, and totally boring, your hair and makeup don’t have to be. And if that doesn’t convince you, then maybe the fact that I scrolled through Insta to find 所有该死的感恩节时间最漂亮的发型 will.

Ahead, 15 hairstyles for every texture, length, and color that you’ll want to wear all season long. BRB while I queue up Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.

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1 ESTA珠光宝气cornrows发型感恩


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通过升级经典发型添加一些兴奋到您的感恩 cornrows with these cute-AF hair rings。在保护的风格意味着意想不到的点缀 你可以跳过声明饰品,让你的头发自然做的所有工作。你开始编织之前,请确保您的宝宝的头发都铺着 edge control-and不要忘记保湿的时候你的头皮提前 a non-greasy conditioner.

2 ESTA编织马尾发型感恩

IDK what’s cuter: Gigi Hadid’s powder-blue eyeshadow or her braided ponytail. Perfect this Thanksgiving hairstyle with two or three pumps of a wave-enhancing foam 水分和质地。离别你的头发后, l屋檐出数层和松散地编织到一边.

3 埃斯塔班图结发型感恩

Meet the cutest lil protective Thanksgiving hairstyle of all time. The most important steps for recreating this look? Detangling your hair with an ultra-hydrating cream 和切片它关闭到管理的部分。 Use the two-strand twist method 来包装你的头发成结 和平滑你的宝宝的头发用 edge control.

4 ESTA卷发发型感恩

Fully embrace your natural hair with this easy-to-recreate Thanksgiving hairstyle. If you have looser curls or deep waves, smooth on a curl-enhancing cream 到一点定义添加到你的头发。

有一个更紧密的卷曲模式?使用 twist-out foam and good ol’ flexi rods 对于无热质感。请记住: 如果你在你的头发的Flexi棒睡觉,你的风格将持续 way longer. 只是不要忘了抢 satin wrap and a silk pillowcase 为了进一步保护你的头发。

5 ESTA纹理高马尾发型感恩

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Pro tip: Recreate this Thanksgiving hairstyle with second-day hair—it’ll give your hair some grit and volume. 用你的起雾后发 volumizing spray,吹干它倒过来,然后爆炸一点点 dry shampoo at your roots for extra texture. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a silk hair tie or no-crease scrunchie.

6 ESTA波浪发型感恩

Just because you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in sweater weather doesn’t mean your hairstyle can’t lean a bit more ~tropical~. Play up your hair with a color-safe texture spray - 或者如果你更沙滩义波后,使用 curling iron. There’s no wrong way to recreate this look,所以不要害怕有它的乐趣。

7 ESTA打磨半了发型感恩

It’s the classic debate: Should I wear my hair up or down? Meet yourself halfway with this sleek and shiny half-up hairstyle for Thanksgiving. 跳过你奶奶的珍珠穿好玩 pearl-adorned barrette 完成这一切了。 BTW:一 lightweight hair oil 是这个样子百分百是必不可少的。

8 ESTA吹出发型感恩

Score a supermodel-worthy blowout with this simple Thanksgiving hairstyle, which, fun fact, you can recreate with three products: heat protectant, a large round brush, and a blow dryer. Use a concentrator nozzle and dry your hair in small sections—then add some volume by lifting the round brush at your roots. This look is all about body and movement, so 这放下手中,然后喷发胶香脆上 sleek finishing spray.

9 ESTA光滑而有光泽感恩发型

Make it your 👑 🔠 🙌🏻

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这发型对于一个连感恩 Blair Waldorf 会批准的,扔在一个 knotted or embellished headband. After misting on a 热保护喷雾和光泽, clamp a 1.25英寸的陶瓷扁铁 around your dry hair. 离开了几面成帧层的超轻松的氛围.

10 ESTA超有弹性的发型感恩

Iluminado desejo ❤️

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Look and feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel with this long and loose Thanksgiving hairstyle. Roll the top layers of your hair around 超大的魔术贴辊 对于大量的体积,然后卷曲你的头发与其余 curling iron. Once your hair cools, 使用柔顺刷到放松你的波 and lock it all in with a flexible hold hairspray. And, yes, you’ll definitely be having a full-on photo shoot before you even sit down for dinner.

11 ESTA湿滑回发型感恩

提升你的感恩节的发型点菜泰莎·汤普森和ADD ribbon 口音你高高的马尾。拧上一个 clear elastic 每两到三英寸了你的马尾辫,然后一个高髻你的锁与一个地方 soft-hold hairspray 500 Internal Server Error

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Match your ribbons to your nail polish for an unexpected surprise.

12 ESTA发髻发型感恩

If you prefer an updo for your Thanksgiving hairstyle, you’ll love this low chignon with ’90s-inspired tendrils. To recreate Camila Morrone’s sleek look, smooth on a shiny hair serum, and don’t be afraid to 添加软弯曲或面成帧层用 flat iron.

13 ESTA动感的发型编织感恩

Chocolate Sundae 🍒

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Want something low-key and casual for your Thanksgiving hairstyle? These low-maintenance braids will 保持你的头发,你的脸,但仍看可爱的离谱。编织你的头发,你的安全结束与后 tiny hair elastics 并用坚定的牙刷光滑下来与你的边缘 non-flaky gel。哦,不要忘记保湿你的头皮,一个漂亮的 Vitamin E oil should do the trick.

14 ESTA腰长感恩发型

Leave it to Kim Kardashian 担任了~~感恩节最性感的发型。这是所有关于 #inches for this look, so try out some clip-in extensions to get waist-length waves。和,是的,上周五晚上,重建ESTA发型完全鼓励。

15 ESTA幕感恩爆炸发型

This Thanksgiving hairstyle is great for a lived-in, perfectly imperfect look. Mist a volumizing spray 在整个干燥的头发来获得额外的弹跳和身体,然后一 go in with a curling wand 更多的体积和质感. And your French-girl fringe needs TLC too, so don’t forget to blow it out, add a center part, and set the look with a light-hold hairspray.

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