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          Gottmik's Makeup Transformation Will Have You Wanting to Be a Rocker Chick All Over Again

          BRB, while I also re-add all of Avril Lavigne's albums into my playlist.

          Ya know, for someone who loves piling makeup on my face, I've never really been one to experiment beyond the classics. Though, after watching Gottmik's makeup transformation, I think I've had a vision and have foreseen the future guys—and it's with me rocking THIS bad ass lewk.

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          Using the holy grail beauty blender, Gottmik pounces on a thicc layer of white foundation which she then sets with a corresponding "SUPER WHITE" powder. We can't be looking like Flashback Mary out here!! Proceeding, she uses a black shadow to contour her cheekbones and adds more white foundation underneath to sharpen.

          Cue the drumroll puh-lease because now we have moved on to the eye portion of this beat and it truly needs it's own shining moment. She starts off with drawing on a long, sleek and wide winged liner that covers her entire eyelid and reaches for the stars. Then, the magic begins. She swiftly puts on shadows right above the liner using: blue, green, yellow, and red.

          Might I add, with the blue shadow, she also applied it on the top of her nose as a contour!! Right on her under-eye area, she puts on purple, blue, and shadows that she connects with her top eye look. She applies more black liner for accent and if you couldn't already tell, she literally did an intricate rainbow eyeshadow look in minutes.

          The white space between the her liner and shadows, she put on gold glitter because the lewk would be plain Jane without it. Adding the finishing touches, aka, her lippie, her brows, and her falsies, she has completed her metamorphosis and is now...Gottmik 💁‍♀️

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