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          joe biden on title ix and it's on us

          Sexual Assault

          Biden On the Importance of Title IX Protections

          "As long as I have a breath in my body, I am going to fight to change this culture."

          betsy devos
          Betsy DeVos Is Betraying Our Students
          Instead of using her position to enforce or strengthen the guideline…
          campus sexual assault
          How to Actually Fight Sexual Assault on Campus

          Even with Betsy DeVos in charge.

          She Was Raped for Working at an Abortion Clinic
          Clinic director Calla Hales was a victim of the extreme violence abo…
          Cosby Juror Brings Up Accuser's "Bare Midriff"

          Yes, that is victim-blaming.

          war machine
          Why We Can't Just Move On From the War Machine Case

          His life sentence is a victory, but it can't be the end of the conversation.

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          joe biden
          Joe Biden: It’s on All of Us to Change the Culture Around Sexual Assault

          We've made great progress, but the work is not done.

          The Invisible Army of Women Fighting Sexual Violence in Colombia
          In a country where gender-based violence has become normalized and the government hasn't done nearly enough to help, women are stepping…
          sexual assault
          I'm a Survivor of Sexual Assault. I've Just Never Said That Publicly Until Today.

          I have never told my stories or felt that they merited attention. But I now affirm that they do.

          I'm the Teen Mom You Don't Hear About

          The kind who was raped. The kind who carried the baby to term because I didn't have any other choice.

          david becker
          Rape Is Never a "Mistake"
          David Becker digitally penetrated two women without their consent. His lawyer said, "We all make mistakes when we were 17, 18, 19 years…
          Sexual Assault
          8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Reporting Sexual Assault

          A former sex crimes prosecutor on what you should expect if you go through the process.

          Brock Turner and Defense Attorney Michael Armstrong
          The Stanford Rape Case Raises Serious Questions for the Legal Profession

          Attorneys who defend alleged rapists are not villains, but there has to be a way to make the legal system less awful for survivors.

          campus assault
          This University Policy Could Leave Survivors Feeling Powerless

          It's good that universities are working on ways to stop sexual violence, but this plan has the potential to backfire.

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          A Mother Staying at a Hotel With Her Baby Was Allegedly Raped by Head of Housekeeping

          The assailant is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

          Police Told a Woman to Report Her Rape, Then Arrested Her

          "I reported my rape, and they told me it never happened."

          When a Feminist Trailblazer Turns to Victim-Blaming, It's Time to Let Go of a Hero
          Susan Brownmiller made rape the subject of national conversation, but we owe it to victims of sexual assault to denounce her recent com…
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          After Being Raped Her Freshman Year, This Woman Hiked Over 2,000 Miles to Save Herself

          In her new memoir, A Girl in the Woods, Aspen Matis tells of dropping out of college to hike from Mexico to Canada.

          Margaret Cho Sings for Rape Victims: "I Want to Kill My Rapist"

          Prompted by her own long and traumatic history of sexual abuse, the comedian has written a song for rape survivors.

          1 in 5 Women at Rutgers Reports Being Subjected to Unwanted Sexual Contact

          The numbers are consistent with other studies on campus sexual assault.

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