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          Sex Positions & Kama Sutra

          In the market for a mind-blowing, bed-rattling orgasm? These step-by-step instructions have been tweaked and tailored by sex experts to help you reach your peak every single time. Now take control with these sizzling strategies and sex positions.

          image 5 Gender-Fluid Sex Positions to Explore What Turns You On

          Sick of traditional sub/dom roles? We gotchu.

          image 5 Positions to Use With Homemade Sex Toys

          These sex positions you can—and should—do RTFN.

          image 9 Thanksgiving Sex Positions You'll Be Beyond Grateful For

          Whether you over-ate or don't want to wake your family.

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          image 8 Perfect Post-Pregnancy Sex Positions for New Moms

          Sit back, relax, and let your partner do all the work for these.

          image 5 Positions to Try if Penetrative Sex Is Painful for You

          Conditions like endometriosis can result in vaginismus, aka pain during intercourse.

          image 5 Sex Positions to Try Based on Your Mood

          Yes, tired-but-horny is a legitimate feeling!

          image 11 Halloween Sex Positions to Satisfy Alllll Your Cravings

          Aka how to jack-o(ff) each other’s lanterns! 🎃

          image The 🔥 Ultimate 🔥 Sex Position Guide

          There’s something for everyone.

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          image 5 Straight-Up Genius Ways to Use Sex-Toy Kits

          Yeah, some can be pricey, but you are very literally getting the bang for your buck, sooooo.

          image 5 Masturbation-Sleeve Sex Positions You Truly Never Knew You Needed

          They can do sooo much more than you think they can.

          image 7 Super-Stealthy Sex Positions if You Have Roomies

          Whether you share a bunk bed or a shoebox apartment, here’s how to keep the boning on the DL.

          image 5 Sex Positions for Exploring Your Dominant Side

          You don’t necessarily need chains and whips to make this exciting.

          image 8 Orgasmic Pieces of Sex Furniture and How to Use Them

          The only time buying new furniture is actually fun.

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          image 7 Sex Swing Positions for Mind-Blowing Midair Orgasms

          The wildest ride of your life, guaranteed.

          image 5 Dildo Sex Positions to Get You Aaaall the D

          These’ll knock all your other go-to positions down a peg.

          image 5 Sex Positions for When You’re SUPER Sunburned

          Obvs, ALWAYS wear sunscreen, but JIC you still have a weird butt burn, these are for you.

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