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          Riverdale TV Series

          So...Jughead Might Really Be Dead, Huh

          This would be absolutely insane.

          Camila Mendes and Charles Melton Split Up

          RIP, Charmila.

          When TF Did the 'Riverdale' Kids Apply to College?

          Especially with totally normal distractions like ALL THE MURDERING?!

          Calm Down, But...‘Riverdale’ Is Going on a Break

          Don’t panic—the Thanksgiving episode was not the mid-season finale.

          Is Betty Cooper’s Serial Killer Gene a Real Thing?

          There’s so much wrong with this.

          Everything you need to know about the cast, fan theories, and love triangles of The CW's Riverdale seasons 1, 2, and 3.

          This Theory That Jughead Faked His Death Seems Pretty Spot On

          One detail from the episode really sells it.

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          Did ‘Riverdale’ Really Kill Jughead?! You Need to Read These Season 4 Theories

          We need to talk about that body.

          A Definitive List of All the ‘Riverdale’ Characters Who Have Been Killed Off

          Honestly, it's time for a Ghosts of Riverdale spin-off.

          'Riverdale' Clue Proves Jughead Is Alive 
          This Hidden ‘Riverdale’ Clue Proves Jughead Is Probably Alive

          The murder victim is probably a Stonewall Prep student.

          33 ‘Riverdale’ Cast Members With Their Comics Counterparts

          So Jughead’s sister is WAY grown up.

          Edgar Evernever and His Abs Are Back on This Week’s Episode of ‘Riverdale’

          See what you can make of these hints....

          riverdale bughead
          A Definitive Timeline of Betty and Jughead’s Relationship on ‘Riverdale’

          Why would Jughead do this?!

          Is ‘Riverdale’ All in Jughead’s Head? The Popular Fan Theory Feels Truer Than Ever

          This would be Riverdale’s best move. Hear. Me. Out.

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          The ‘Riverdale’ Season Premiere Made Fans Bawl Their Eyes Out

          Riverdale fans are NOT okay.

          Whoops, We Gave Madelaine Petsch Trust Issues 💎 | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan
          Whoops, We Gave Madelaine Petsch Trust Issues

          Warning: This. Video. Is. Stressful.

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          The CW Network's 2016 Upfront - Presentation
          The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion - Cocktails

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