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          Project #ShowUs

          How to Be a Better LGBTQ+ Ally Right Now

          During #PrideMonth and all year round. ❤️🏳️‍🌈

          Mercury in Taurus Is Perfect for a Career Glow-Up

          It’s also great re: asking for that raise again.

          Why You Need a CC Cream Yesterday

          Think of it as really excellent skin in a tube.

          The 14 Best Books Coming Out This Month

          Sorry, Game of Thrones who?

          Even Sensitive Skin Will Love These Sunscreens

          Not one of these formulas will sting your face. Promise.

          The Softest, Prettiest Highlighters You Should Already Be Using

          Straight from my cheekbones to yours.

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          The Only 6 Moisturizers That Won’t Make Your Face a Shiny Mess

          No, seriously. I promise they won’t.

          Summer Songs 2019
          These 12 New Songs Will Get You Hyped Up for Summer

          It’s never too early, right?

          Mercury in Aries Helps You Get That Bread 💸🍞💸

          The planet of intellect in the most go-getter-y sign? You’re about to be a BOSS.

          20 Quotes About Self-Love to Remind You You’re Worth It

          Bookmark this for later, because everyone needs a reminder now and then.

          This Sneaky Sports Bra Hack Will Make You Comfy 24/7

          Literally changed my life.

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