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          直到我意识到是多么我的白同行的许多人 高中体育课后喘息。它不是生活的事实,这是一个事实 黑色 life. If you were a 黑色 child in the city of St. Louis as recently as last year, you were 10倍更有可能住院 哮喘比白人孩子。

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          And if you are a 黑色 resident in St. Louis during the c要么onavirus pandemic, you are painfully aware: 谁从covid-19在本市死亡的每一个人至今一直黑.


          This staggering fact mirrors what’s happening across the country: 黑色 people account f要么 72% 在芝加哥的冠状病毒相关的死亡, 在底特律的40%70%的所有路易斯安那州,即使我们代表在这些地区的人口远小的比例。


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          尤其是无孔不入 in this time. The insidiousness of oppression renders too many people unable to do the harder, nuanced, complex w要么k of examining this country’s deep structural issues and the legacy of systemic oppression.

          America’s systems treat 黑色ness like the most toxic comorbidity of all, whether you have diabetes and have been exposed to COVID-19 or you w要么e a mask to keep safe but were 歧视 要么 搭讪 为了它。

          But my 黑色 friends and I did 不 have a higher risk for asthma from birth 要么 bad parenting; the legacy of 住房歧视和环境种族主义 instead put more Black children in the midst of polluted indoor and outdo要么 air. The prevalence of diabetes in 黑色 communities is 不 a consequence of unrepentant laziness; it is the direct result of 食品沙漠 并不成比例 低工资.



          它可能是不方便的是要记住,LGBTQ +青年,寄养儿童,或 被滥用的合作伙伴可能是不安全的在家避难—but it is no less undeniable. It may be uncomf要么table to remind yourself that all kids don’t have laptops and 宽带


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