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          Neptune Retrograde in 双鱼座 Is Bringing the Realness

          We can see clearly now. 👀

          neptune retrograde
          Getty/Katie Buckleitner

          On June 23, Neptune moves retrograde in its home sign of 双鱼座, a mutable water sign, and won’t move direct until November 28. That will make a total of 行星 逆行

          在占星术, Neptune, the mythical ruler of the sea, is associated with fantasy, illusion, escape, creativity, and dreams. When retrograde, the Neptunian fog is lifted, and you have the ability to see past the illusions that have been holding you back. This will allow us to manifest hopes and dreams that align with our new reality.



          504 Gateway Time-out



          When you face reality, you can move mountains. So trust your gut! Speak your truth and you’ll find career success.


          Get ready for some cosmic tea when it comes to your beliefs. Your nonnegotiable relationship requirement: a woke bae.


          A financial reality check is in order: Your spending needs a big overhaul. Revisit your budgeting routine to get back on track.


          The truth is coming out. Things have become routine with your boo or you’re just not feeling the romance in your dating life. Time for an upgrade!


          Fallen off of healthy routines during isolation? (Yes, we all have!) Your physical wellness, lifestyle, and day-to-day habits will now come into focus.


          When a 天蝎座 falls, they fall . You may realize certain habits in your romantic trysts are no longer serving you. Honest communication is the key.



          Hidden information is being shown to you, giving you the urge to speak out. A new podcast or YouTube的 channel may be in the stars.


          You’re creative when it comes to earning money—the key is owning it! A shift in your mindset can make all the difference.


          我是谁? The confusion around this question will finally clear up. You’ll find sudden realizations and answers in your dreams and thoughts.

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          从以上 占星术

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