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          Venus in Pisces Will Basically Turn You Into the Heart-Eyes Emoji

          Prepare to fall in love, people!!

          The astrology of 2020 has been very, uh, interesting so far, to say the least. There’s been a ton of planetary action in Capricorn making everyone feel supes wound up—like the world feels like it’s falling apart (and maybe kind of is??), and if for the past couple of weeks your life was anything like mine, like you’re going to completely lose your effin’ mind if something doesn’t change.

          Well, here’s some good news: Venus, planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, is entering Pisces, the sign of its exaltation (keep reading), on January 13th! The water signs—Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio—are totally harmonizing with these Venusian vibes for the next few weeks, and mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius are seeing tons of action coming to their love lives now!

          Saying a planet is in its exaltation is an astrologer’s way of being fancy and saying that a planet is in the sign where its potential to function is at its highest. Venus is the ruler of Libra and Taurus, so it fits in beautifully with those two signs, but Venus can really make some magic happen in Pisces!

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          Think about it: Venus is the planet of love. Pisces is an emotional water sign known for its infinite understanding of others, heart of gold, and romantic sensibilities. Venus in Pisces turns your love life into a fairy tale, and its vibes are perfect for falling in love, connecting on a deep level, and make your love life dreamier than ever. Venus was in Aquarius for the past few weeks, making you focus more on networking and meeting new people rather than romance, but now that you’ve secured a solid crew, it’s time to focus on your love life again!

          Pisces is the most empathetic, universally compassionate sign in the zodiac. Venus here is helping you form connections with others that transcend the material realm. Words and physical touch matter less now—it’s all about how you feel. The vibe is spiritual, deep, and a little mysterious. You’re primarily communicating with others through feelings and gestures and potentially bonding with others on a soul level.

          Your intuition is stupid strong right now, so you’re picking up on others’ vibes and feeling the chemistry you share more than ever. This transit might make you literally fall in love at first sight with someone, y’all, especially on January 15th when Venus teams up with Uranus, planet of surprises, and on January 23rd when Venus connects with Jupiter, planet of abundance and luck. Any first dates around those days will end with you hearing wedding bells and planning how many kids you want to have with them. Yes, Venus in Pisces is that magical!

          Mmkay, so here’s the catch (there’s always a catch): Venus in Pisces is marvelous at painting a gorgeous, fairy-tale-esque, otherworldly image of your S.O./love life. If you match up with someone who’s perfect for you (which is very likely) and it sticks, great! Unfortunately, Pisces is also the sign that most lacks emotional boundaries, projects idealized images onto others, and ignores facts and logic in favor of just aimlessly following wherever its heart takes it—which means you’re likely to fall in love with your idea of someone and become more vulnerable to being manipulated or taken advantage of by them.

          Use your brain and don’t ignore any big red flags that pop off! Big days to look out for are January 26th, when aggressive Mars squares off with Venus, and January 27th, when Venus bumps into Neptune, the planet of mysteries, illusions, and deception.

          In general, Venus in Pisces is a really great period of time for your relationships. The vibe is gentle, open, and loving, and toward the end of Venus’s trek in Pisces, some remarkable astro weather occurs that promises to strengthen your love life. On February 2nd, Venus and Pluto, planet of transformation, form a supportive sextile to each other, and on February 3rd, Venus shares another constructive aspect with Saturn, planet of structure, so you’re definitely able to make productive changes that help your relationship blossom into something better than ever. Venus is only in Pisces until February 7th, so what are you waiting for? Love is in the air and the LOYL (or maybe just your SUPER-cute new boo) is waiting, so go out there and find them!

          But first, read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes for Venus in Pisces:

          • Aries: Venus in Pisces is all about ~hidden feelings~ and ~love affairs~ for you, Aries. You’re probs not going to find the perfect person to take cute selfies with. You’re more likely to find closure with an ex (or get back with one) or start a secret liaison, but be careful!! These kinds of hush-hush entanglements might sound exciting, but if you’re makin’ love behind closed doors for the wrong reasons (like, if you’re screwing your friend’s ex-flame), then karma’s totally gonna bite you in the ass later.
            • Taurus: Venus in Pisces is helping you find a deeper love and compassion for your friends, Taurus. You’re feeling more in touch with your squad when you’re just hanging out together, and you’re finding a ton of satisfaction in getting to know each other better. You’re also making tons of new friends (maybe with benefits?) and potentially turning one of your besties into your boo!
              • Gemini: Even though Venus in Pisces is activating your chart’s career zone (which might mean a big raise or promotion, FYI), you’re still totes able to find love during this dreamy transit, Gemini! This is a period of time when you can easily upgrade your relationship—for example, maybe you and your partner are starting to talk about getting married, moving in together, or having kids. You also might finally turn your situationship into something more serious now.
                • Cancer: You struggle to come out of your shell, little crab, but Venus in Pisces is helping you put yourself out there and get to know all kinds of new people. Not new people as in some random bruh you chat with at the bar one night, but someone totally 500 Internal Server Error

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                    • Virgo: Lucky you, Virgo! Venus in Pisces is in your chart’s zone of relationships, aka this transit is basically built specifically for you and your love life. Any of your one-on-one relationships, whether they’re platonic, romantic, sexual, hell, even business partnerships, are experiencing tons of growth as you and the other person are merging and connecting on a remarkable level. This doesn’t mean your love life is automatically going to move into happily-ever-after status, but serious growth is definitely happening now!
                      • Libra: While Venus is transiting Pisces, it’s activating your chart’s 6th house, aka the zone of work, health, illness, and responsibility. I know it sounds like you’re getting the short end of the stick with this transit, but listen: There is a lot to be said about the importance of self-love. You’re able to start healthy habits and do some major self-care work right now, and you can improve the “daily routine” of your relationship so it runs as efficiently as possible now. You are also getting along with coworkers way more now and might even get with your office crush if you’re lucky!
                        • Scorpio: Congrats, Scorpio, Venus in Pisces is making your love life glow alllll the way up! It’s illuminating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun—need I say more? Seriously, this is pretty much the best of the best places for Venus to be in a chart. You’re more eager to express your love for others, you’re loving yourself more, and you’re way less walled-off and distant from others than usual. You’re more charming than ever and feeling super confident thanks to Venus’s help right now, and you know what? It’s a really, really good look on you, bb. Now go have fun!
                          • Sagittarius: Venus’s journey through Pisces is helping you get in touch with your roots. Your innermost emotions, past, home life, and family are all being brought into focus right now. It’s a great time for home renovations, getting to know yourself on a much deeper level, getting along with your roomies better, or reconnecting with the fam. Maybe you think it’s time to introduce your boo to your folks—Venus in Pisces is perfect for that too.
                            • Capricorn: Your sign has a reputation for being downright emotionless (sometimes!), but if any sign has what it takes to melt your ice-cold heart of stone, it’s Pisces! Venus in Pisces is allowing you to let your guard down and open up to others. You’re showing your inner self to people and letting them in so you can connect on an incredibly deep level. You’re having incredible heart-to-hearts with others, and for all the single Caps out there reading, you can expect hella hotties to start sliding into your DMs over the next few weeks.
                              • Aquarius: Venus in Pisces is warming up your chart’s 2nd house, the zone of values and valuables. First of all, this is a big money-making transit, but it’s also a big money-spending transit if you aren’t careful with your coinz. Venus is also providing an auspicious influence on your relationships that supports any kind of commitment, whether it’s to a boo, a business partnership, or a personal goal you want to really invest yourself in.
                                • Pisces: You will not believe how great this transit is going to make you feel, Pisces. Venus is at its happiest in Pisces, and when Venus is in your sign, it’s enabling you to look and feel better than ever. Venus rules love, so the potential for attracting more romance is obviously high now. Venus also rules beauty, which means all eyes are on you 500 Internal Server Error

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