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          Uranus Retrograde Is Over and It’s Gonna Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

          Warning tho: Expect the unexpected. Casual!

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          Rebellious Uranus ends its moonwalk in Taurus on January 10th (the same day as the lunar eclipse in Cancer, BTW). We can expect the unexpected during this time—eclipses and Uranus are both unpredictable by nature.

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          PSA: Your finances will be out of control during this time. Don’t worry! You’re learning that money just comes and goes. It’s sort of its thing. Learning to save your pennies for a rainy day is key and fundamental, so resist the urge to actually buy everything you’ve added to your cart.


          You’re starting off the year with a new lewk (cue the rom-com makeover-montage music), which will glow up your personal style in 2020. You’re adding wardrobe pieces to your closet that you like and want—no matter what other people’s opinions are. They’ll be jealous of your style.


          You’re kicking off the New Year as That Bitch. You’re doing your own thing on your terms and living your life for only YOU. Your need for personal freedom will rub others the wrong way but, hey, you have to live in a way that makes you happy.


          A life without commitments is not how you usually like to vibe, but you’re creating distance with your ride-or-dies in order to find the real you. You’ll reunite with your BFFs once in a while. You just need to be solo right now to find your true self.


          Your career goals are evolving—maybe you need a personal rebrand, which means steering off the OG path you thought you’d be on. Success and new opportunities are headed your way—just be open to change and you will totally prosper.


          You’re living on the cutting edge (whatever that means for you!) and it’s opening up your mind—even making you change up your core beliefs. The only caveat is that you may become too fanatic (even for you). Translation: You’ll commit to new philosophies almost daily. You’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, now enjoy the trip.


          You’ll decide to invest your stacks in stuff only you see the potential in. Trust your intuition and listen to your gut. Others will try to discourage you, but if you stay true to what you want, it may prove to be extremely financially lucrative and beneficial.


          Your relationship may be on the upswing after the roller coaster you’ve been riding for the past several months. Keep in mind that what goes up must come down—especially with the unpredictable vibe you have with matters of the heart. Proceed with caution to avoid being heartbroken again.


          You’re embracing new methods of self-care like acupuncture, Reiki, and meditation to ease your stresses and glow up your vibe. You’ll find that these techniques will work wonders for you—even if your crew thinks they are kind of woo-woo. Do you, boo.


          You may find your boo to be more spontaneous than ever—mostly due to their impulsive decisions. One day, they may decide to take a whirlwind trip to Morocco with you, and the next day, you’re at odds with each other (fun!). Love them one day at a time.


          Some recent introspection may bring up childhood wounds you’ve never dealt with. This is an amazing time to take action around past emotional upsets or traumas and to heal relationships with your family. You may even view your childhood through a new lens with a different perspective now.


          Instead of being direct, you’re choosing to talk in haiku or riddles. This may confuse those who are near and dear to you (it’s not what they expect from your communication style), but it’ll feel fun for you to respond to texts solely in, say, emoji. Express yourself!

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