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          Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope for December

          Thy name is influencer, Pisces.

          Getty/Katie Czerwinski

          Put these dates in your Google Cal rn:

          • December 2nd: Something major is about to unfold.
          • December 12th: A little redecorating will shift your perspective.
          • December 26th: You’re ready to make a splash.

            Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram的, only to discover that your childhood friend has suddenly become…an influencer? As you make your way over to their grid, you find yourself trapped in a vortex of unanswerable questions: When did this happen? How are they doing this? And how much are they getting paid?!

            If the above scenario is all too relatable, I have great news for you, Pisces babe. Starting on December 2nd, Jupiter—the planet of abundance—is entering the area of your chart associated with media, networks, and distant community. Over the next 12 months, Jupiter will be offering you boundless opportunities to broaden your horizon. So whether you’ve been planning to launch a personal brand or just cultivating friendships with people who actually ~get you~, Jupiter is ready, willing, and able to expand your reach.

            The final Full Moon of 2019 occurs December 12th as the Sun and Moon face off in Sagittarius and Gemini, respectively. Although you’re usually a bit of a wanderer, this lunation actually conjures up some serious homebody vibes. Give yourself permission to take the night off to focus on your environment under this electric sky. 500 Internal Server Error

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            Capricorn season begins December 21st, as the Sun enters this ambitious earth sign. This corresponds with the holiday season, but truth be told, you’re not really trying to do the same old boring stuff. 由 end of the month, you’ll be feeling an incredible pull to create. You want to do something big—something that evokes the ingenuity of great Pisces legends who have come before: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna(!).

            Inspiration strikes December 26th, when the Moon (symbolizing emotions) aligns with the Sun in Capricorn and forms a dramatic solar eclipse. But eclipses aren’t random events—in fact, this is the fifth installment in an eight-part series that began July 2018 and will conclude January 2020.

            end of December, you’ll be at the halfway point and have enough perspective to reflect on how much you’ve accomplished. You’ll also be able to anticipate all the incredible opportunities that lie in your future. Your sensitivities are what make you special, so don’t be afraid to embrace your psychic gifts. As you glide into the new decade, let your incredible intuition fuel your innovation.

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