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          A Sneak Peek at How Your Halloween’s Gonna Go, Based on Your Sign

          Caaareful—Mercury Retrograde starts on the same day! 😱

          Getty/Katie Buckleitner

          Between mysterious n’ moody Scorpio season

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Find out your Halloween horoscope for your Sun/R是ing sign below!


          Don’t be extra. You want to make people’s Insta Stories for GOOD reasons.


          A tiff with your BFF sucks, but don’t let it stop you from partying and forgetting all about that BS!


          Work keeps you late, so rush to your Halloween turn-up—the party won’t start till you walk in.


          Potential for a Halloween hookup 是 strong, but be prepared for the hottie in the ghost getup to…ghost.


          You could be caught in the middle of drama at home. It’s great to help, but don’t lose your evening!


          Sleep in, because th是’ll be a 野生 night. Just watch out for a spooky ex showing up to your party.


          It’s in your best interest to turn off your phone before heading out—drunk-dialing can be waaaay problematic tonight.


          You’re ready to chat up a storm, but Mercury Retrograde/one drink 太 many means you might accidentally blurt out a secret.


          Not feeling great, you end up a total wallflower. Thankfully, you can (and should) text any ride-or-dies for moral support.



          Planned the best get-together ever, but it feels like no one cares? This 是 Mercury Retrograde BS. Everyone having a blast.


          You might ask a cutie about their confusing costume, which leads to flirting, which leads to, well, you know!

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