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          15 Summer Wedding Colors That Will Make Your Party Stand All the Way Out

          BRB, finding a spouse ASAP.

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          Grab your mason jar and pin a peony in your hair. Summer wedding season is fast approaching and it’s gonna be preeeetttyyyy. Whether you’re planning your own nuptials, fantasizing about your own dream day, or just want some inspo for a perfect outfit for your ex’s wedding (your invite def just got lost in the mail), you might want to check out some of the most popular summer wedding colors. Here are 15 options that will make you go, awwwwwww。



          If you’re planning a destination wedding, poppy and sage might be the move. Incorporate tropical tones and leafy motifs into table settings and bouquets to give your event an upbeat, beach-party feel.

          White, Gold, and Green

          You can’t go wrong with classic neutrals, a touch of shine, and all the forestry. Optimal for a sleek, modern setting or a barn vibe, this color scheme looks ah-mah-zing on your invitations and on your cake.

          Lilac and Lavender

          Create your dream party with different shades of purples. Best for an outdoor wedding, these colors adapt well for bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s ties, and pop against a lush green backdrop.


          You can’t get trendier than Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year. Mix grapefruit into your signature cocktails, add hibiscus and dahlias to bouquets, and match coral linens to ribbons for a memorable, cutting-edge theme.

          Seaside Blues and Greens

          Tying the knot oceanside? Celebrate that natural beauty with elegant shades of blue and green. Set the tone with sea-inspired place cards, and incorporate the colors into your favors and groomsmen’s looks. Bonus: You already have your something blue.

          Marigold and Floral

          Lean into cheery summer vibes with vibrant marigold paired with classic florals. Consider bringing that garden lewk to your bridesmaids’ dresses, sourcing fabrics in complementary floral prints, and incorporating marigold blooms and accents into your table settings or altar.


          Live out your ~millennial pink~ and purple dreams with a wedding theme in true pastels that can accent your desserts or ceremony seating. This whole vibe works best for daytime weddings, when the colors are most vibrant.


          This is a low-key super romantic option. Perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding, these shades pair well with exposed brick or wood paneling and can even match your signature cocktail. (Hi, Bellini!)

          Natural Woods and Neutrals

          Bring the outdoorsy vibes with unique touches of wood and neutrals. Ideal for a nature escape or to contrast an ultra-modern city setting, these guys will set your wedding apart. Want to go even more on-theme? Order wood invitations or Etsy handcrafted keepsakes for favors.

          Yellow and Bright White

          A sunny combo will make your wedding pop. Made for any summer event, this lighthearted theme encourages the incorporation of lemons, daffodils, and sunflowers in bouquets and decor.

          Pastels and Metallics

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          Sunset Orange and Sherberts

          Turn your wedding into an Aperol spritz. Best for an outdoor wedding where you can match your shades to a stunning sunset, the theme can be added through bridal-party looks, swaths of fabric in your decor, and bright bouquets.

          Navy and True Blue

          Go preppy with shades of navy and blue. Perfect for a country-club sitch or a nautical space, the theme introduces blue glassware, blue-on-white prints, and an excuse to put your man in that navy suit you’ve always dreamed about.

          Deep Purple and Natural Green

          Want to liven up a standard hall or bring your backyard wedding up a bit? Deep purple set against natural green will do just the trick. Fragrant lilac flowers will elevate any setting, while deep greens can be worked into anything from ties to leafy table accents.

          Literally All the Colors

          Just pick ’em all! Take inspo from this rainbow wedding and hit every color in the Crayola box for a lively theme that can be splashed across the entire affair.

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