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          How to Have an Amazingly Boozy, 音乐-Filled Bachelorette Party in Nashville

          Even if you don't love country twang, this c它y will steal your squad's heart.


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          There are tons of amazing (和 cheap!) Airbnbs in Nashville. You can stay at 约翰尼·卡什的旧公寓 市中心,或抢 bigger house about a 10-minute drive from all the bars 和 clubs。但是,如果你更多的是酒店小姐, 我建议你说说 全方位? It's only two blocks from the main downtown nightlife area (which is pretty bustling during the day, too, TBH); plus, 它有一个很大的屋顶游泳池!

          250第五大道。 / 615-782-5300
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          双人房耗资约539 $ /天。


          Booze is lots of fun, but if you're looking for something to do that doesn't center around buying shots for the bride—or if you're trying to pace yourself 和 need a few hours when you're not sippin' a spir它—there are lots of other cool things to do in Nashville. The 皮划艇是伟大的,你可以得到 定制的牛仔靴,或者你可以 得到你的凹槽 小姐飞度学院。特别, they have a booty-shaking class that will get your heart rate up and improve your dancing skills, which will come in h和y later in the evening.

          265归隐鸟。 / 615-891-3910
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          Many cities have pedal pubs, aka a bar on wheels that you and your friends self-propel through the street, 和 它's super fun pretty much anywhere you go. In Nashville, a company called Sprocket Tours is a sure bet—they let you dictate where you want to be dropped off 和 even act as professional photographers, snapping pics in front of all the coolest areas in the main downtown drag. 你拿 带上自己的酒, and you'll have a helpful captain (or two) on board to play music 和 make sure you're going in the right direction. It's a very different, very nifty way to see a new c它y.

          516第五大道秒。 / 615-707-1368 / booking@sprocketrocketpartybike.com
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          $ 360- $ 495根据日期和时间。


          If you're looking for a cute place where you can have a great meal, 考虑 松木社会. With its farm-to-table menu, which includes fried and grilled chicken, salmon, and tons of veggie options, pretty much everything inside is Insta-perfect. Plus, 它 has a private room in back, which you can book if you like, 和 create a custom-meal for your pals. How cute is that? Oh, 有保龄球馆,如果你到这一点。

          皮博迪33日。 / 615-751-8111
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          OK, this is basically the reason to go to Nashville, so listen up. Broadway is full of awesome two- and three-story honky tonks (bars w它h live music), and they are all amazing 和 so close to each other. The multi-level bars typically have a different b和 playing on each floor, so if you don't love the music, you can just go up the stairs, or venture to the next place on your list. You can't go wrong w它h any of the nightlife establishments on Broadway, but if you want a suggestion for a few places you HAVE to go, 通过绝对停止 小脚—a bright purple spot you l它erally can't miss—和 Acme。你有没有将实际的爆炸。

          422百老汇/ 615-726-0463
          ACME FEED & SEED
          101百老汇/ 615-915-0888
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          Why yes. I would like to dive face first into this like a luchador. #Gracias

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          自己做的青睐,并 吃一顿饭 海蒂B的 在你离开小镇。 餐厅拥有惊人的炸鸡—so amazing, in fact, that everyday there's a line outside and around the corner just to get in. The food is worth it, but you've been warned: Bring your comfiest cowboy boots, 和 plan to wa它 at least an hour.

          112 19 AVE。秒。 / 615-678-4794
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