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          11 Superfoods Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2020

          “什么是MCT?” - 不是你


          TBH, no one expects you to quit your cup o’ noodle habit in 2020.

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          And because you might want to apply this knowledge by eating, you’ll also find basic ways to throw 所有 that healthy food into your regularly scheduled meals.



          Fermented foods, aka foods containing microorganisms like bacteria 和 yeast, are the number one superfood trend for 2020, according to a nutrition rep要么t by 波洛克通信今天的营养师.

          But they’re not exactly a groundbreaking concept: Yogurt, pickles, kombucha, miso, and kimchi are 所有 fermented foods that you’ve probably eaten in the past week, right? The good news is that these eats contain natural probiotics (aka good bacteria) that can improve digestion 和 your immunity, says registered dietitian Pamela Nisevich-Bede, auth要么 of 吃。出汗。重复。

          吃: Add a couple spoonfuls of kimchi or sauerkraut to sandwiches 要么 salads and sip on kombucha instead of soda. You can also add yogurt and kefir to your smoothies, says dietitian Alex和ra Oppenheimer Delvito, vice president of 波洛克通信.


          Toast 可以 have made her famous in the early days of Instagram的, but keto is keeping the fatty green fruit relevant.

          Obviously, creamy avocado tastes damn good, but it also contains almost 20 essential vitamins and nutrients and is a particularly good source of unsaturated fats, fiber, potassium, vitamin E, 和 B vitamins, says Oppenheimer Delvito. Is there anything it can’t do?

          吃: In addition to the basic toast, Oppenheimer Delvito likes adding avo to salads, egg sandwiches, 和 smoothies. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also blend it into homemade pesto 要么 bake it into brownies.


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          Thanks to the keto diet and (probs) Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning, this fatty staple is having a moment. “Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and good ol’ chia 所有 provide healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, 和 protein,” says Oppenheimer Delvito.

          吃: If you haven’t yet, buy yourself a bottle of Everything but the Bagel stat. Just trust me. Then, stock up on any kinds of seeds you like and add them to salads and grain dishes for crunchy goodness. You can also make chia seed pudding 要么 add a spoonful of chia seeds to oatmeal to up the fiber 和 prote在。


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          Stressed? Cool, same. These natural substances found in herbs, roots, 和 funguses 可以 help the body adapt (heh, get it?) to stress in a healthy way, says Rebekah Blakely, dietitian f要么 维生素专柜.

          Popular options include ashwagandha (which Blakely says 可以 help lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol), rhodiola, ginseng, 和 c要么dyceps mushrooms.

          吃: Add ashwag和ha or cordyceps powder to your morning smoothie 要么 coffee. Or treat yourself to a bag of 4个sigmatic Adaptogen Coffee, which contains ashwag和ha.


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          Whether you’re freaked out by climate change 要么 you just like those vegan Burger King burgers, plant-based everything is 在。 (FYI: Every superfood on the 2020 trends list is plant based.)

          The stars of pretty much any plant-based diet are pulses, which include peas, lentils, and beans that provide loads of fiber, carbs, and prote在。 This nutrient balance can help stabilize your blood sugar 和 improve digestion. Both good things, right?

          吃: Next time you’re at the drive-through (no judgment), 要么der yourself that 超越肉 要么 不可能汉堡. Or just stock up on chickpea pasta or canned beans 和 throw ’em into your salad, soup, or pasta instead of (要么 in addition to) meat.


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          There nothing better than dragon fruit. #juicy #dragonfruit #lemur

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          吃: Pretend you’re an influencer and decorate your next smoothie or oatmeal bowl with slices of dragon fruit 和 star fruit. They also make f要么 super-pretty smoothies.


          Dwight Schrute’s favorite food is fin所有y getting the love it deserves. “There’s so much emerging research on the benefits of beets for exercise and recovery,” says Oppenheimer Delvito. That’s because the pink root veggie is rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants 和 nitrates, 要么 compounds that boost blood flow.

          吃: Many supermarkets now sell fresh beets, bottled beet juices, 和 packages of marinated, ready-to-eat beets. Oppenheimer Delvito recommends adding them to salads, especially with feta, or throwing them into a smoothie. (Seriously, just throw everything into smoothies.) If you re所有y dig how beets taste, chug a cup of juice bef要么e your next HIIT class.


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          TFW your matcha runneth over

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          Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this is a thing that’s good f要么 you—not exactly groundbreaking stuff. But matcha (which is made by grinding green tea leaves, so basic所有y green tea on steroids) is still going strong.

          “Matcha has less caffeine than coffee 和 provides natural l-theanine, an amino acid that helps you focus without the jitters,” says Blakely. Also, it’s cool!

          Green tea has long been famous for being crazy-high in antioxidants, 和 matcha contains m要么e than 100 times m要么e antioxidants than the traditional stuff, adds registered dietitian 瑞秋devaux,背后的博客 瑞秋的好餐馆.

          吃: Next time you make a Starbucks run, order a green tea 要么 matcha latte instead of your usual double shot. Or make your own matcha latte by blending 8 to 12 ounces of milk with a teaspoon of matcha powder 和 a teaspoon of pure maple syrup, recommends Blakely. Just saved you $6. You’re welcome.


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          Constant stress 和 ubiquitous environmental fact要么s, like pollution, mean we’re pretty much 所有 inflamed rn. Enter this root, which has been used as medicine in India 和 China for centuries. Acc要么ding to research published in Critical Reviews in Food Science 和 Nutrition, curcumin—the active antioxidant in turmeric—可以 help protect heart, immune, 和 metabolic health.

          吃: Blakely likes to top scrambled eggs and spinach with turmeric spice 和 black pepper (which helps you absorb turmeric). You can also make a golden latte by blending your fav要么ite milk with a packet of 4个sigmatic’s Mushroom Golden Latte Mix.

          10. MCTS

          酮做出了相当多 所有 fats popular, especi所有y medium-chain triglycerides (aka MCTs) found in coconut oil, palm-kernel oil, 和 even some dairy products.

          Your body digests and absorbs these fats differently than others. “MCTs are transported to our lymphatic system and put to work as an energy source quickly,” explains Nisevich-Bede. The result: They’re less likely to be st要么ed as fat than other types of fat are—和 they don’t spike your blood sugar the way carbohydrates do.

          Although MCTs got famous as a keto diet staple, you don’t have to be in ketosis mode to get the benefits.

          吃: You’ll get some MCTs from coconut oil—but you can also buy bottles of flavorless isolated MCT oil. Add a teaspoon or two to your oatmeal, smoothies, dips (like guac or hummus), or salad dressings f要么 a little extra oomph.

          11. microgreens

          These are basic所有y the baby versions of the good-f要么-you greens you already know about, like kale, spinach, 和 mustard greens, says Oppenheimer Delvito.

          Packed with vitamins and minerals, microgreens are becoming easier to find at grocery stores 和 will be a fun, flavorful way to make your meals healthier in 2020, says registered dietitian Jenna A. Bell, PhD, vice president of nutritional science f要么 sustainable agriculture group cropone.

          吃: Add fresh microgreens to your salads or grains, stir them into pasta, or sprinkle them on top of eggs 要么 avocado toast, suggests Oppenheimer Delvito. You can also drink them down with a greens powder like 运动果岭 (which tastes zero percent like fish tank).

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