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          britney spears vmas
          Britney Spears Is Sexy and Stunning in a Black...

          Welcome back, Queen Britney.

          Ariana Grande Did Something Really Different and...

          This is new!

          [UPDATED] Beyonce Is Wearing Angel Wings Around...
          She walked MTV's white carpet with Blue Ivy and many of the women fr…
          All the Fun and Crazy Looks From the 2016 VMAs

          It's a lively white carpet, to say the least.

          All the best style and beauty from music's hottest moment of the year. 🔥

          3 Sexy Hairstyles Every Girl Needs in Her Life

          Super-hot styles to wear for a swanky night out.

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          The 1 Thing You Need For A Braid That's Fancy AF

          Take your red-carpet cue from the VMAs.

          The Pro Secrets to Keeping Your Hair On Point All Day, All Night

          Party hair goals slayed. YAS.

          Ariana Grande's Latest Braided Ponytail Upgrade is Your New Weekend Look

          Does this girl ever have a bad hair day? (The answer is no.)

          3 Hot Hairstyles to Up Your Instagram Game in Minutes

          Selfie-approved hairstyles for nights out IRL.

          Beyoncé Got Nominated for Basically Every VMA This Year

          Adele and Ariana Grande also cleaned up.

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