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          20 Funny (But Also Really Cute) 赢得e Gifts Your Friends Will Love More Than Vino

          *crosses off entire shopping list*

          sanchi oberoi

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          1 Bracelet Flask
          $ 44.99
          $38.24 (15% off)

          Hot tip: You can put your wine in here.

          2 赢得e Holder Pool Float
          Urban Outfitters
          $ 10.00

          Summer may be over, but rosé season is forever. Float your fave drink in a pool (or bath!) with this extremely cute S.S. Rosé set, which will keep your glass above water.

          3 Outdoor 赢得e Holder
          $ 23.00

          Because you never know where you’ll want to host an impromptu wine picnic!

          4 Denali 赢得e Rack
          $ 98.00

          It's a wine rack with a h和le. Their drinking will know no bounds. 

          5 Necklace 赢得e Glass Holder
          $ 6.99

          This > any necklace ever.

          6 Glampagne Stemless Flute
          $ 19.95

          For the slow sipper in your life: Keep her bubbles ice cold for literally hours (or as long as it takes her to finish that first glass). 

          7 Dog 赢得e Bottle Holder

          There's no good boy more good than this lil guy. 

          8 25-ounce Prosecco Glass
          urban outfitters
          Urban Outfitters
          $ 16.99

          It's like a Big Gulp...but fancy.

          9 赢得e Chiller
          $ 89.95

          The perfect disguise for cheap-ass wine that needs to keep its chill. 

          10 Cheese & 赢得e Dog Toy
          urban outfitters
          $ 7.99

          Puppies want to party too, okay?!

          11 Rosé All Day Gummy Bears
          $ 20.00

          Perfect for that pregnant friend who has a few more months until she pop real bottles (the boozy kind, that is).

          12 State Map 赢得e Cork Trap
          $ 49.99

          Now she can display her hard work for all to see.

          13 Spiked & Spiced C和le
          $ 34.00

          THIS CANDLE SMELLS LIKE WINE AND FRIENDSHIP. I'm melting already. 

          14 iPhone Case
          $ 24.00

          If this tarot card-themed phone case resembles her ideal Friday night, look no further. 

          15 赢得e Wipes Compact
          The Vanity Project
          $ 5.00

          Love the wine, hate the stains? Meet The Vanity Project’s compact wine wipes set. This genius product will make remnants from even the darkest of reds disappear.

          16 赢得e Bottle Lock
          wdtpro wdtpro 赢得e Bottle Combination Lock, Amazon.com
          $ 12.99
          $ 7.99 (38% off)

          Have a roommate who helps herself to your wine? Not anymore 🙃.

          17 赢得e Condoms
          Reusable 赢得e Covers, Amazon.com
          $ 19.97

          You won’t have any accidental spills with the 赢得e Condom, which will secure your opened bottle of wine.

          18 Suction Cupholder
          $ 13.95

          Because you’re a grown-ass woman who deserves a glass of wine in the bath (or the shower).

          19 赢得e Sippy Cups
          $ 14.88

          The only to-go cup you’ll ever need again.

          20 酒钱包
          $ 29.96英寸

          Instead of schlepping around an entire glass bottle, empty it into this tote’s 1.5-liter reservoir. Just BYO glass!

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