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          I Hate to Be the One to Do This, but Here’s a Baby Yoda Gift Guide

          Because the internet wants what it wants, okay?


          With the launch of 迪士尼+, a new cultural phenomenon was born, and that is 婴儿尤达. This little munchkin is the most important character on The Mandalorian

          To be completely honest, I have not watched this show nor any of the 星球大战

          502 Bad Gateway

          502 Bad Gateway

          For when you wanna sport 婴儿尤达 at the holiday party
          Baby Yoda 星球大战 Ugly Christmas Sweater
          gallery94 etsy.com
          $ 41.00

          Comfy and cute? That’s basically the epitome of the 婴儿尤达 movement.

          1 15
          For when you’re tryna rock 婴儿尤达 on your car
          Baby Yoda Vinyl Decal Sticker
          GarrettDareCreations etsy.com
          $ 6.99


          2 15
          For when you wanna worship at your 婴儿尤达 shrine
          Baby Yoda 5-Inch Sculpture
          3D神魔 amazon.com
          $ 29.99

          If you’re not too creeped out by it, here’s a statue for you! 

          3 15
          For when you wanna combine your fandoms
          Baby Yoda Is My Patronus 星球大战 Parody T-Shirt (S–5X)
          Utopia Sport amazon.com
          $ 21.99

          哈利·波特 和 星球大战? It’s too much, people.

          4 15
          For your own 婴儿尤达
          迪士尼 Starwars Yoda Itty Bittys 特点
          特点 amazon.com
          $ 14.70

          Alright, I will admit this is KIND OF cute.

          5 15
          For when you wanna sport merch while you watch
          The Child Shirt
          $ 17.36

          Those sad eyes will melt anyone you come into contact with.

          6 15
          For when you want a word play
          Baby Yoda Tee
          springmountaindesign etsy.com
          $ 24.03

          IDK! You guys wanted this.

          7 15
          For when you want a shirt that looks like it’s about to cry
          Baby Yoda T-Shirt
          BearWorks通过Bear etsy.com
          $ 20.05

          Those eyes are a MOOD.

          8 15
          For when you wanna make things political
          Baby Yoda for President Magnet
          GreyOwlDesign etsy.com
          $ 8.99

          A candidate I can get behind.

          9 15
          For when you want 婴儿尤达 in your hands at all time
          Phone Pop-Up Stand and Grip
          kaypopart etsy.com
          $ 15.78

          Baby Yoda! On your phone! What more could you want?

          10 15
          For when you wanna sport Yoda on your laptop
          Baby Yoda Sticker
          TylerShaeDesigns etsy.com
          $ 3.99

          So all your coworkers can know just how obsessed you are!

          11 15
          For when the weather gets chilly
          Baby Yoda Using the Force Sweater
          TheTrendyTopic etsy.com
          $ 35.99加入

          A sweatshirt!

          12 15
          For when you wanna hang this sh*t on your wall
          Baby Yoda Print
          marbodesigns etsy.com
          $ 20.52

          An artistic print!

          13 15
          For when you’re feeling festive AF
          O Come All Ye Forceful Sweater
          HaaseUnlimited etsy.com
          $ 19.96

          Another option for the ugly Christmas sweater party!

          14 15
          For when you need that 婴儿尤达 venti
          Baby Yoda 星球大战 Starbucks Cup
          duboisland etsy.com
          $ 19.99

          Definitely not sanctioned by 迪士尼. Definitely not sanctioned by Starbucks.

          15 15
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