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          Peter Weber Sent All 3 Flight Attendant ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Home Despite Saying He’s Looking for a “Copilot”

          What is the truth, Pilot Pete?!?!

          John FleenorGetty Images

          It’s Bachelor season, people! Peter Weber is well on his way to finding love, which means some unlucky girls have already gotten the boot off this season. Obviously, Peter is allowed to send home whoever he wants, but we’re noticing a weird correlation in some of the contestants who were eliminated last night.

          [If you didn’t get the spoiler from the headline for this article, there are spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution!]

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          But, shockingly, Peter sent ALL THREE OF THEM home in the first rose ceremony, after repeatedly saying he was looking for a “copilot” to do life with. Something about this doesn’t quite add up! If you want a copilot, wouldn’t it make sense to keep at least one flight attendant?! Seems weird, but okay.

          The sad part is, they would have absolutely dominated the first group date challenge. The girls who were chosen went to an airplane hanger and had to do flight-related math, dig through piles of suitcases, and spin around in whatever this thing is...

          John FleenorGetty Images

          Basically, these girls got absolutely shafted, but I guess we have to trust Peter’s gut in his quest for love.

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