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          Against My Better Judgment, I Kind of Want to Give ‘爱情岛 Australia‘ a Shot

          This is the reality 电视 version of texting an ex. SMH.

          爱情岛 Australia

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          Seriously, I have dedicated entire weeks of my life to this show, and for some reason, I’m always willing to give it another chance. Hulu has recently added 爱情岛 Australia, and even though this series has burned me a few times already, I’m fully ready to give it a shot.

          Let me explain why it’s so hard to be a fan of 爱情岛. First off, it’s highly addictive. This is normally a great quality for a television program to have, but 爱情岛 has about 30 episodes per season, which means it’s an insane time suck. It takes, like, an entire fiscal quarter to finish up a season. Still, once you catch an episode, you’re hooked. (It probably has something to do with the fascinating lingo, LOL.) It’s truly wild.

          The other problem with 爱情岛 is that it’s not universally good. The show originally premiered in the 联合王国 and was a huge success. They tried to recreate the magic with an American version of the show, but it was a total flop. Basically, there’s no guarantee that an Australian version would be worth the trouble.

          But here’s the thing. 爱情岛 Australia looks like it might be even better than the original. The cast is hot! The accents are hotter! Just look.


          Plus...people seem to be really into it on 推特. It’s obviously incredibly binge-worthy.

          At the risk of setting your hopes too high, I feel I must tell you that some are even going as far as to say that it’s better than the 联合王国 version.

          I guess the only thing to do with all this information is...binge the first season of 爱情岛 Australia? Wish me luck, y’all.

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