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          Everything We Know About ‘Rhythm + Flow’ Season 2

          Do we get more Cardi B?!


          Netflix’s hip-hop sensation Rhythm + Flow

          But seriously, one season was not enough for viewers, so here’s what we know about the second one.

          First, is it happening?

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          On to the next level. Congrats to our winner @Dsmoke7 🏆

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          Okay, got it. Do we have any other info?

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          But WHEN do I get to see it?

          What if I want to audition for the show?

          You can and SHOULD audition if you have some musical chops you’re looking to show off. You can sign up at RhythmAndFlowAuditions.com

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Great! Anything else I should know?


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