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          Watch the Cast of ‘Looking for Alaska’ Straight-Up *Struggle* With Our ‘Expensive Taste Test’

          Who knew PSLs could be so tricky???

          The guys of Hulu’s new miniseries Looking for Alaska stopped by to see if they could ace Cosmo’s Expensive Taste Test, and to literally no one’s surprise, they for sure did not. Charlie Plummer, Denny Love, and Jay Lee are totally adorable, but they could not figure out which fall treats are more expensive for the life of them.

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          After applauding 7-Eleven for a quality latte, they were ready to bite into the caramel apples. Can caramel be tacky? Apparently. The boys ended the round 0 to 2 but with some newfound clarity—if it tastes good to them, it’s probably cheap.

          Next up was a slice of “bougie” apple pie that they wanted to take home to mom. Well, excluding Jay, who said the only place he wanted to take that piece o’ pie was the trash can. Turns out, you can’t judge an apple pie at first glance because you don’t know what’s on the inside. Deep.

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          The final score was a sad four out of nine. But hey, they learned something about themselves and humanity in the process: Cheaper food tastes better. (Which, had they asked me, I could have told ’em long ago—think they’ve ever tried McDonald’s?!)

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