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          Billie Eilish Is So Talented, She Walked on the Ceiling During Her ‘SNL’ Performance

          Gravity? Billie doesn’t know her.

          2018 Outside Lands 音乐 and Arts Festival - Day 1
          • Billie Eilish walked on the walls during her Saturday Night Live 性能。
          • I am scratching my head trying to figure out how TF she did that!

            You know, at this point, I find it really hard to be surprised by the things Billie Eilish does. Announcing a massive world tour?咄。拥有一个 blue pet tarantula

            During Billie’s debut appearance on Saturday Night Live502 Bad Gateway

            502 Bad Gateway

            成立 and paint a backdrop over it to have it look like a school. None of that! Billie simply had a little help from her SNL 朋友。

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            从以上 音乐

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