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          Billie Eilish Is So Talented, She Walked on the Ceiling During Her ‘SNL’ Performance

          Gravity? Billie doesn’t know her.

          2018 Outside Lands 音乐 and Arts Festival - Day 1
          • Billie Eilish walked on the walls during her Saturday Night Live 性能。
          • I am scratching my head trying to figure out how TF she did that!

            You know, at this point, I find it really hard to be surprised by the things Billie Eilish does. Announcing a massive world tour?咄。拥有一个 blue pet tarantula? Makes total sense for Billie! Having the number one song in the country, beating out “Old Town Road” for the top spot? Please, Billie can do that in her sleep. But defying gravity and challenging the very laws of physics by walking on walls to her heart’s content? Now THAT has me shaking.

            During Billie’s debut appearance on Saturday Night Live, she took to the stage to perform her smash hit single “bad guy,” and her whole performance was literally off the wall. While singing the song lyrics, Billie put her foot on the wall and then jumped from the floor to the ceiling to the walls and back! Naturally, I and everyone else on 推特 began freaking the f*ck out.

            So by now, you’re obviously wondering how the hell Billie managed to pull this off on live television. No, homegirl isn’t a witch (at least to my knowledge, anyway). Billie didn’t steal that rotating hallway from 成立 and paint a backdrop over it to have it look like a school. None of that! Billie simply had a little help from her SNL 朋友。

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            Welp, t这里 ya have it, folks—Billie may not be able to walk on walls, but she’s damn good at pretending to. Still a win in my book!

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