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          The Ultimate Cheesy Holiday Movie Trope Checklist

          Someone, we beg of you, invent a drinking game around this, kthx.


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          You know what I’m talking about: the small-town holiday festival, the Christmas meet-cute, and so many other clichés we’ve come to know and love in our winter 电视 movie schedule. Here’s a handy checklist of all the classic moments you could want (and need) in 该 holiday movies of your dreams.

          The main character is a female journalist investigating a Very Serious Christmas Story.

            You know this one all too well. Of course, you need a main character who is a journalist on assignment to track a hot holiday lead…which we all know will lead to love.

            曾经出现在: A Christmas Prince, Random Acts of Christmas, The Mistletoe Secret, Christmas 9 to 5

            The main character just lost her job.

            She should be good at her job and even striving for a promotion. But somehow, the movie has o该r plans for our holiday heroine and she gets fired and/or laid off.

            曾经出现在: Christmas in Rome, Oh Christmas Tree, Christmas Under 该 Stars, The Christmas Temp, Crown for Christmas

            The 大-city gal heads to a small town.

            Whether or not the main character is a journalist, she needs to go from the 大 city to a small town for some reason. Sometimes, the small town is her hometown. O该r times, she just needs a change of scenery due to a bad and unexpected breakup.

            曾经出现在: Christmas in Louisiana, Sweet Mountain Christmas, Radio Christmas, The Road Home for Christmas, You Light Up My Christmas

            The family business is in trouble!

            And only our holiday heroine can save 该 day in time for Christmas. She’ll find a way. She always does.

            如被看见在: Christmas A La Mode, Check Inn to Christmas, Always and Forever Christmas

            The ruggedly handsome love interest.

            He’s got to be not only dreamy but 也 a little guarded—at first. But as 该 movie moves along, he lets his guard down and shows himself to be sensitive, thoughtful, and loyal.

            曾经出现在: Honestly, like, 一切 single one.

            You know, 一生’s version of “rugged.”

            The ruggedly handsome love interest who is a very busy businessman with no time for Christmas.

            Consider this a subcategory of handsome love interests. He’s always sharply dressed for a meeting and so consumed with his job, but he’ll have to eventually make time for Christmas—and true love.

            曾经出现在: A Cheerful Christmas, Christmas Made to Order, Christmas at Pemberley Manor

            The ruggedly handsome love interest who knew the heroine back in 该 day.

            Ano该r subcategory of handsome love interests. He has 历史 with our holiday heroine, and that will make 该ir reunion a bit awkward at first.

            曾经出现在: Christmas Hotel, Matchmaker Christmas, Catch a Christmas Star, 圣诞快乐, Christmas Everlasting

            The Christmas meet-cute.

            Our lovebirds need to first encounter each other in true rom-com fashion but with a holiday twist. Sometimes, there’s even a magical element to bring them toge该r....

            曾经出现在: The Road Home for Christmas, Welcome to Christmas, Christmas Under 该 Stars, The Christmas Club, A Storybook Christmas

            The actual Christmas “magic” that changes EVERYTHING.

            Theoretically, 一切 holiday movie has a hint of Christmas magic, but sometimes you should opt for 该 mystical, witchy, spell-casting route to find true love.

            曾经出现在: The Magical Christmas Shoes, Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas, A Christmas Wish

            You in danger, girl.

            Everyone needs to prepare for 该 BIG holiday event.

            It’s not really a Christmas movie without a gala, festival, or party looming that our heroine and her potential soul mate/nemesis are scrambling to prepare for.

            曾经出现在: Christmas in Louisiana, No Time Like Christmas, Twinkle All 该 Way, A Christmas Duet

            Holiday baking time!

            Christmas bread, cakes, cookies—prepare yourself for intense munchies during 该 genre’s almost-required baking interlude.

            曾经出现在: The Knight Before Christmas, The Sweetest Christmas, A Sweet Christmas Romance, A Very Nutty Christmas

            The search for 该 perfect (or perfectly imperfect) Christmas tree.

            Our heroine needs to set off on this search (preferably with her ruggedly handsome love interest—subcategory doesn’t matter), and it should double as a romantic bonding experience for her and the love interest. Bonus points if they decorate the tree toge该r too.

            曾经出现在: Oh Christmas Tree, 我的圣诞老人, Miss Christmas

            The “villain” threatens Christmas cheer.

            When I say “villain,” I mean some of the most lightweight antagonists you’ve ever seen. The “villains” are usually the heroine’s ex-boyfriend or the ruggedly handsome love interest’s ex-girlfriend—and 该y should jeopardize our holiday heroine’s burgeoning romance just a little bit.

            曾经出现在: Holiday in 该 Wild, Oh Christmas Tree, 女孩圣诞老人, Write Before Christmas

            The heart-to-heart moment (for 该 lovebirds).

            There should always be that scene where our holiday couple lets their guard down and brings up a topic that’s super personal to them. It’s often a cherished memory of a late family member, the tragic loss of a former lover or spouse, or the dream that 该y desperately wish could come true. Basically, it’s a one-on-one date on 光棍.

            曾经出现在: The Knight Before Christmas, The Holiday Calendar, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

            Stumbling upon 该 mistletoe and it leads to a kiss (or an almost kiss).

            Tradition says you’re supposed to kiss whoever you’re standing under 该 mistletoe with, and isn’t that convenient in a holiday 电视 movie? It’s usually moment our duo realizes there’s an attraction there, but it might take 该m a little bit longer to actually acknowledge it.

            曾经出现在: Holiday in 该 Wild, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses, Always and Forever Christmas

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            A frustrating misunderstanding that keeps 该 lovebirds apart.

            The movie’s third act (or even first act) needs some kind of complication to overcome, so enter miscommunications, misunderstandings, mistaken identities, missed connections, and mixed signals.

            曾经出现在: Write Before Christmas, The Holiday Calendar, A Very Merry Mix-Up

            Everyone falls in true love and Christmas is saved!

            Of course, it’s a requirement of 该 genre.

            曾经出现在: 结束对 一切 电视 Christmas movie you’ve ever seen.


            BON我们: A brand-new, centuries-late trope seems to be emerging this year:

            Learning about Hanukkah

            She celebrates Christmas and is almost a Christmas expert of sorts. He’s Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah. Together, they learn to embrace both December 25 and the Festival of Lights and bring about peace in 该 Middle East (we assume).

            Friends did it first, btw.

            曾经出现在: 节日日期, Double Holiday, Mistletoe & Menorahs, and perhaps more next year!

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