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          'Green Book' Just Won Best Picture at the Oscars and Twitter Is Dragging It to Hell


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          Read the room, the Academy. After a very controversial Oscars campaign, Green Book just took home the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture...and the internet responded exactly how you'd expect.

          Let's start from the beginning. The trouble started even before the "true story" of a working-class driver's bond with the black classical pianist he chauffeured on tour through the 1960s American South hit theaters. In a Q&A about the film, lead actor Viggo Mortensen said the N-word...to show how we've...ended racism? “For instance, no one says N— anymore,” he said, I guess to show that America has changed when it comes to race relations....Uh, you just did, Viggo.

          But that's not the end of it. Although some critics applauded the film, many reviewers were quick to point out that the movie seemed to pat white people on the back for how far we've come as a country. "With its insistence on the pretense of loving our way into racial harmony, the movie exists almost exclusively to allow white moviegoers to nod sagely about 'how far we’ve come' before calling the cops on their black neighbors for not waving hello," Cate Young wrote for Jezebel.

          These negative reviews were bolstered when the pianist Dr. Shirley's (Mahershala Ali) family boycotted the film, claiming it was a false representation of their relationship. Overall, not a good look.

          So yeah, people were already unhappy that Green Book was nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing, with Ali nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Mortensen for Best Actor. That they won for Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture against films like The Favourite and Roma was even worse. I'll let Twitter (and apparently the Oscars press room) speak for itself now:

          Re: Best Original Screenplay

          But the one I find to be most telling:

          Re: Best Picture

          Welp, that happened.

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