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          Nicki Minaj's VMA Dress Is So Incredible, She Needed Help Walking in It

          Worth it.

          Nicki Minaj
          Getty Images

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          Here's her entrance, with an expert handler behind her making sure everything stayed in place. But it seemed like someone stepped on the back of her dress a bit, leading her to cry out for a moment, then returning to her big smile in a split second.

          MTV reported in a blog post she couldn't walk in the dress, but it's not like it showed. Nicki expertly used the white carpet wall as a way to prop herself up while posing.

          Getty Images

          Getty Images

          And then she used her boyfriend, Meek Mill, for basically the same purpose, while also getting all lovey-dovey and cute.

          Getty Images

          With a dress like that, though, it's worth all the effort.

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