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          推特 Is Losing It Over Kim Kardashian 和 肯伊·韦斯特’s Cringe Kiss-Cam Moment

          Gonna curl up in a ball on her behalf.

          Celebrities Attend The 69th NBA All-Star Game - Inside
          凯文·马祖尔Getty Images
          • Kim Kardashian 和 肯伊·韦斯特 went to the NBA All-Star game on Sunday.
          • They were featured on the jumbotron 和 Kanye seemingly ignored Kim when she leaned in for a kiss.
          • 推特 is absolutely losing it over the awkward video.

            The NBA All-Star game was on Sunday, and like every sports event, there was a jumbotron and cameraperson who pans to the eager fans 和 celebrities in attendance. Since Kim Kardashian肯伊·韦斯特 were sitting courtside, it was only natural that the camera would find them at some point. But when they did appear on the big screen for their impromptu kiss-cam moment, they had a super-awkward moment that 推特 is roasting Kanye for.

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            最后 noticed, Kim clapped 和 gave him a kiss on the cheek, much to his delight.

            But even though Kanye eventually caught on, 推特 is fully roasting him for not paying attention 和 kissing his wife.

            All that said, it appears Kim isn’t even bothered by the seemingly awkward moment because she posted a picture of her kissing Kanye on her Instagram的 Story:

            Kim Kardashian 肯伊·韦斯特

            Also, some 推特 users pointed out that Kanye doesn’t really show emotion in public anyway 和 that he just “didn’t know what was going on.” Plus, his smile at the end showed how he truly felt when she did manage to kiss him.

            The jumbotron didn’t catch this, but it looks like Kanye even went in for what appears to be a kiss or a whistle very close to her face, so voilà!

            Celebrities Attend The 69th NBA All-Star Game - Inside
            凯文·马祖尔Getty Images

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