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          The 19 Most Delightfully Bad Pop Culture Things of 2019


          Worst Things of 2019

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          MAN, this one was brutal. I truly believe that 上一个圣诞节 is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life, let alone this year. Although I spent the entire film waiting for it to get less bad...I genuinely enjoyed talking smack about it throughout this entire holiday season.


          Remember when Lil Dicky dropped a song with like, every musician from Snoop Dog to Ariana Grande? Justin Bieber 从字面上唱, "my anus is huge." What an absolute trip!

          3. 星巴克的杯子 在“权力的游戏”

          2019: the year we learned that no, nothing is sacred.

          Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup


          For total transparency, I should let you know that I have never watched a single episode of 蒙面歌手. But you know what? I am confident that it is cursed.


          It has been months since the 预告片 dropped, and I'm just out here trying to figure out why they have human noses and only SOME of them wear clothes.


          Amazon really dropped a show about superheroes, where Chace Crawford plays a man/fish hybrid who gets his 吉尔斯手指。是的,在这个经济!

          7. Luke P. on '在未婚'

          Chris Harrison was right. This really was the most dramatic season yet. Luke Parker turned Hannah Brown's season of 在未婚masterclass in gaslighting. It was impossible to look away from.


          Rest in peace, all of our expectations for this Ansel Elgort movie.


          I'm still not sure if I actually watched 完美, or if it was just a fever dream.

          10. Zac Efron's panini beard

          You'd think that this atrocious facial hair situation would turn me off of paninis and/or Zac Efron...but it surprisingly had the opposite effect. Thanks, 海滩游荡.


          Remember when everyone spent an entire week 在扣篮 高挑的女孩?

          12. 刺猬索尼克's makeovers

          道具 刺猬索尼克 for having the best glow down, then glow up of 2019!

          TBH, the first one was still kinda cute!

          13. Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish

          Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a summer blockbuster? Or was it just an outlet for Quentin Tarantino to express his foot fetish? The world may never know.


          Have you ever played hide and seek with a toddler who is like, really bad at playing hide and seek? That's basically Brenda Song's role in this Netflix的惊悚片.

          15. The last season of 'Jane the Virgin'

          他们真的让 迈克尔所以yeehaw.



          Bajillions of fans were so excited for this steamy movie...that ended up not being so steamy, after all. Luckily, the next one is going to be rated R.

          17. All of the puking in 'The Dirt'

          是 this absolutely necessary?! Probably not!

          18。 Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes making out all of the time.

          WHEN WILL THIS END? I feel like everywhere I look, one of their tongues is wiggling around looking for the other one's mouth.

          19. The snake that burst into butterflies at the end of Taylor Swift's 'ME!' video

          I just feel like I could have lived my entire life without a CGI moment that looked like it was designed by Ed Hardy, set to a Taylor Swift的歌.

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