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          Khloé Kardashian Caught Kourtney Lying About Her Kids and It Was Truly Insane

          The audacity!

          • Khloé Kardashian caught Kourtney in a lie about her kids during Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
          • Kourt used her kids as an excuse not to answer Khloé’s phone calls.

            Sunday night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians was best described as an insane mess and mostly consisted of everyone being really mean to poor Kourtney Kardashian because she wants to keep her private life private. Which is kinda hard when your literal job is being in the spotlight.

            Anyway, Kourtney was avoiding Khloé’s calls during the episode and in one scene had the audacity to text her “with kids, call you later.” The thing is...Kourtney’s children were literally with Khloé at her house. Like...KOURTNEY!!!!!

            “I cannot believe Kourtney just got caught in the craziest lie,” Khloé said in the video above. “You’re telling me that you’re with your kids. But your kids are at my place. Liar.”

            This drama comes amid Kim threatening to fire Kourtney in the same episode, saying, “Everyone needs a f*cking consequence. Let’s show her. If she doesn’t want to show up, if she doesn’t want to work, she has too many f*cking boundaries, she’s out.”

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