We Tricked Resident 'Queer Eye' Food Expert Antoni Porowski Into ~Loving~ Cheap Guacamole

The Avocado Whisperer was SHOOK.

We all already know and deeply love Antoni Porowski as the posh, guacamole-loving food-wizard on Netflix’s Queer Eye. With his cooking skills, soothing voice, and trusty hand towel smoothly thrung over his shoulder, Antoni teaches all the Queer Eye heroes how to whip up delicious meals in their own homes without all the fuss.

The recipes he makes on the show are pretty easy to follow, but you know behind closed doors he's cooking up a bunch of ~fancy~ dishes just for himself. Basically, he's definitely pretty used to picking the finest and fanciest ingredients. But! Can he tell which foods are bougier just from the taste?? We're about to find out.

Antoni will wax poetic about the importance of a high-quality olive oil, but turns out it's way harder than he thinks to tell the difference—the aftertaste is *key* here, folks!! And it's also no secret that the Avocado Whisperer himself loves, well, a good avocado. But can he actually tell which bowl of guac is expensive and which is cheaper? In his own words: "This is TRICKY."

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Clearly, we had a little too much fun torturing the Fab Five foodie with ingredients from his brand-new cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen. Antoni, if you’re reading this, SORRY FOR MAKING YOU BREAK YOUR NO DAIRY ON WEEKDAYS RULE WE LYSM. Antoni might be totally full by the end of the vid, but we guarantee it'll make you nothin' but HANGRY. 😜

Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Antoni in the Kitchen
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