Heads Up, 戴米洛瓦托 Skipped the 音乐录影带大奖 Because of 'Will & Grace,' Not Taylor Swift

Guess their fans were fighting for no reason!

  • Taylor Swift fans accused 戴米洛瓦托 of shading her by not attending the 2019 M电视 音乐录影带大奖.
  • FYI, Demi didn't go because she was filming Will & Grace, which had literally 没有 to do with Taylor!


    Guess what! We now know the real reason 戴米洛瓦托 skipped the 音乐录影带大奖 this year, and just like every non-Swiftie expected, it had zero to do with Taylor Swift.

    Demi was busy on the set of Will & Grace,哪里 she'll be playing a recurring character next season.

    Guess that's that on that!

    Original story, 8/27:

    戴米洛瓦托 didn’t show up to the 2019 M电视 VMA Awards and hit Instagram的 to explain that she had a good “reason” for not attending the show. And instead of just moving on, Taylor Swift fans assumed the “reason” was that Demi is close to Scooter Braun and was therefore shading Tay-Tay by ditching the 音乐录影带大奖.

    Which...what? She literally...didn’t...say that.

    Like, find me a point in this message ^ where Demi mentions Taylor’s name once. Oh, wait, ya can’t! But that hasn’t stopped die-hard Swifties from coming for Demi on 推特, and things are not pretty.

    And now Swifties and Lovatics are feuding all up and down my timeline:

    For what it’s worth, Demi had been teasing an exciting new project the entire day—and the reason she skipped the 音乐录影带大奖 was presumably 完全 to do with that and 没有 to do with Taylor, who, again, she Did! Not! Mention!

    Truly, I am exhausted. Demi and Taylor, come get your fans!

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