The Most Awkward and Cringe-Inducing Moments at the 2019 音乐录影带大奖

I mean, let’s start with the entire opening monologue.

2019 M电视 Video 音乐 Awards - Roaming Show

Let’s be real: Award shows are never awkward. You take a bunch of celebrities, pack them into one room, make them compete for awards, and wait to see what happens. In terms of the cringe-factor, the 2019 音乐录影带大奖 did 不 disappoint. Here are the best/worst moments of the night.

Zara Larsson’s entire hosting situation.

Hosting an awards show red carpet is HARD, especially if you’ve never done it before. Zara, bless her, was a little bit awkward, and lots of people on 推特 thought the same.

At one point she was talking to J Balvin and Bad Bunny and said she probably should have learned Spanish by now, which was a little odd? They rolled with it though.

This guy in the back of Normani‘s shot.

Idk who he is, but he’s awk!

Bebe Rexha 不 realizing she was on live 电视.

She went to go talk to A$AP Ferg and didn’t realize he was giving an interview on live 电视. The face she made was priceless.

Taylor Swift‘s performance.

Okay, this is probably not Taylor’s fault, but the sound during her performance sounded realllllly off, and people 不iced.

Obviously, people still loved the performance, and this was probably M电视’s fault more than anyone, because let’s be real, it’s 不 like she can’t sing.

The entire opening monologue.

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If you wanna know who Sebastian even is, read this.

When John Travolta mixed up Taylor Swift and Jade Jolie.

Alright, yeah, so Taylor Swift won Video of the Year, and John Travolta went to present her the trophy...except he didn’t present it to her. He almost gave it to Jade Jolie, who went up on the stage with Taylor. It was super weird.

When Camila Cabello randomly yelled “Get wasted” in her acceptance speech.

Camila might have had a drink or two before the ceremony, because when she and Shawn went up to accept their award for Best Collab, she yelled, “GET WASTED!” at the end. I’m not 不 proud.

Alright, that about sums it up!

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