An Official Timeline of 泰勒卡梅伦 and Gigi Hadid‘s Relationship

它已经 84年 4周。


Fact: The poor traumatized rejects of 单身汉 Nation typically 日期 in their own circle after being discarded from the polyamorous love shack 那 is 单身女郎。其中一些还在继续 天堂学士. Some of them connect with a lost soul from 光棍. And some of them just weep softly into a rosebush. But not 泰勒卡梅伦. In a move truly no one could have anticipated, 泰勒 managed to bridge the gap between reality stardom and being actually relevant (shade, sorry) by dating none other than Gigi Hadid.

When the news first broke, you probably assumed it was just a hookup—how could 泰勒, a 未婚 contestant, 日期 Gigi Hadid, a supermodel?! WHAT IS LIFE. But in case you hadn’t noticed, we live in a country where reality stars can become president, so like...aim high, 泰勒! Anyway, since Tigi seem to be a bona fide 事情 now, let’s get deep in the timeline weeds of their relationship because it’s—and I can’t stress this enough—messy.



汉娜布朗电影 单身女郎’s season finale and breaks up with 泰勒. Because Chris Harrison lives for drama, this breakup goes down in full formal wear in front of an altar. Yikes.



吉吉和泰勒 start following each other on Instagram的:

And obviously everyone is just all:



泰勒 and 汉娜 reunite face-to-face on 决赛结束后, and she asks him to get drinks. Gigi who?


泰勒 去吃午饭 with an influencer named Violet Benson. Basically, this is him:



Flash-forward a few hours, and 泰勒 and 汉娜 继续 日期。哦,他是 SPOTTED LEAVING 她的 HO我们E THE MORNING AFTER.


Meanwhile, Violet Benson is just all:

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泰勒 flies to New York after his 日期 with 汉娜 and goes out with Gigi Hadid. So many 日期s in one week, Ty!!! Fans spot the pair at Soho House, and yes, receipts are posted.


吉吉和泰勒 去第二次约会 at a bowling alley, and a source tells Entertainment Tonight 那 they “were very flirty and kept laughing” and “were constantly talking and romantically touching one another and just having fun.”


汉娜的 反应?她说 Entertainment Tonight, 500 Internal Server Error

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吉吉和泰勒 are once 再次 spotted leaving her NYC apartment:


然后他们继续 还有另一个约会 together, this time to Justin Theroux’s bar Le Turtle.


Things start to get more serious between 泰勒 and Gigi, at least that’s the vibe I’m getting from...the fact 那 they were seen 度假 together in Lake George. And when I say “度假 together,” I mean somberly sitting at a Starbucks.

Meanwhile, a source tells 电子! it’s been “the best couple of weeks of [泰勒’s] life.”


Gigi takes 泰勒 out to La Esquina in New York City with her close friend Serena Williams,我说, How are we living in a world where a 单身汉 contestant is hanging with Serena?!?!?!



Gigi Hadid and her model sis Bella Hadid walk the M电视 vmas红地毯 together, sans other 日期s, but 泰勒 isn’t too far away.

2019 M电视 Video 音乐 Awards - Arrivals

While he doesn’t attend the show with them, he does meet up with Gigi and Taylor Swift at the after-party, which is very casual.

They spend the night hanging out at the Fleur Room in New York City, and it’s all hugs and kisses. “Taylor greeted him with a big hug. 泰勒 and Gigi shared a kiss,” a source told 电子!新闻.


We still don’t know if 泰勒 has met Gigi’s mom Yolanda yet, but it seems like he and Bella are well-acquainted! Well, acquainted enough for Bella to follow him on Instagram的, 至少。

View this post on Instagram的

I feel like this makes 事情s official.

一个分享的帖子 The Publyssity Podcast (@thepublyssitypodcast) on


Jed Wyatt (aka Hannah Brown’s other ex) speaks out about the Gigi/泰勒/汉娜 love triangle, which is unexpected, TBH.

“I had heard about it. Ultimately, I want everyone to be happy, whatever that means...I will continue to support [them] though I haven’t paid too much attention to it. If everyone’s happy, then 那’s what’s good," he tells .

And the award for vaguest vouch of support goes to...


吉吉和泰勒 just walked a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) show red carpet,但他们是 令人沮丧 strategically spaced out.

They hit the Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger show during NYFW on Sunday, and Gigi walked with Bella while 泰勒 went solo.

TOMMYNOW September 2019 Runway Show
TOMMYNOW September 2019 Runway Show


A new report comes out 那 泰勒 and Gigi are pretty much still in the early stages of dating. I mean, it kinda doesn’t feel like it but...okay! According to a source, 泰勒 and Gigi are “still just getting to know each other and [having] fun.” The source also says that “They don’t want 那 pressure to push them further than where they are.” How interesting, right?

In addition to that ~juicy~ information, the source says, “The media attention has been hard on 泰勒 and Gigi....They’re trying to navigate it right now because they know how the press can pick apart every 日期 they have and turn it into some事情 bigger.” It makes sense, considering 那 the paps literally follow them everywhere they go.

To downplay where they stand with one another, 泰勒 and Gigi are being “purposefully coy” about their relationship status. So explains why they’re never really seen together!! Secrecy aside, Tyler and Gigi’s little rendezvous do hold weight in their eyes. “Their 日期s are definitely real and [泰勒 is] having a good time,” the source adds.


Literally less than 24 hours later, a new report comes out and says 那 Gigi is helping 泰勒 look for apartments in her neighborhood in New York City. Uh....what??? I honestly thought they weren’t 那 serious yet, but like any romance, 事情s are a *little* more complicated than they seem.

"泰勒 has been looking at apartments 那 are in the same area as Gigi’s in NYC," a source told 电子!新闻. "She suggested a few to him, and he wants to be nearby. They are getting pretty serious, and it’s not slowing down. They text all day every day and see each other multiple times a week."

As serious as moving into the same neighborhood as your partner sounds, 泰勒 and Gigi are a different story. Despite hanging out with each other all summer (as evidenced by this timeline), they aren’t officially official yet. So sorry, no boyfriend of girlfriend labels here! “They both are very into each other and are having a lot of fun together,” the source said. “They haven’t had any official talk yet, but [they] aren’t dating other people.”

More than anything, 泰勒 and Gigi are reportedly still trying to take 事情s one step at a time before thinking too much about what comes next. “They aren’t talking about the future or what any of this could become, they are just going with it,” the source added. “But he loves being with her and they are really clicking.”

Annnd 那’s it for now. But obviously, this timeline will be up日期d with developments. Until then, I think we can all agree Zayn’s silence is deafening.

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