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          Wanna See Some Pretty Coffee Table Books?

          Will you read them? Maybe. Will they look good regardless? Yes.

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          *smashes play button*

          19 Graphic Novels and Comics Every 20something Woman Should Read

          Do you like intrigue and dazzling illustrations? Here you go.

          30 Thriller Books That Will Guarantee You Never Get Another Good Night’s Sleep

          *leaves light on for the rest of eternity*

          80 Books by Celebrities That Are Actually Worth Your Time

          504 Gateway Time-out

          504 Gateway Time-out

          12 Mystery Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down Until You’ve Cracked the Case

          Calling all amateur sleuths. 🔍

          14 Self-Love Books You Want to Read More Than Once

          Right this way for the pep talk you need.

          23 Inspirational Books That Will Keep You Motivated During This Weird Time

          You got this. 🙌

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          2020’s only redeeming quality, TBH!


          My eyeballs are ready.

          10 Online Book Clubs to Join From Your Freakin’ Couch

          Books are my BFFs now.

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          The 12 Books You’ll Be Desperate to Read This Summer

          Consider this your official reading list.

          21 Books That Will Satisfy Your True-Crime Obsession

          They miiight make you afraid of every noise in your house tho.

          Get Through Social Distancing With These Escapist Reads

          Books are my friends now.

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