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          Don't Panic But Sophie Turner Got a Matching Tattoo with Joe Jonas

          Love, but make it indelible.

          Getty Images

          Remember a couple weeks ago when Joe Jonas casually got an arm tattoo that looked INSANELY like Sophie Turner? But specifically Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark? Making him the ultimate Game of Thrones fan-boy?

          Well now Turner is sporting an almost-matching tattoo on her thigh, of what appears to be the same girl from a slightly different angle.

          In other words, they got kinda-sorta-maybe matching couples tattoos. Which, fair enough—they are engaged—but if there's one thing we learned from Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's breakup, it's that maybe one *shouldn't* get tattoos of the person they're dating etched on their body.

          Please see Zayn's massive pair of Gigi eyes for reference.

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