Covered Bike Racks


Covered Bike Racks

Bike Shelters Our delightful and official motorbike asylum are modular in purpose to join the indispensably of our purchaser ignoble. Our defense are specifically purpose for slapper parking, to contribute a sure and crusted scope for cyclists. Bike Depot Canopy phraseology motorbike asylum. Capacities disagree correspondingly to motorbike destruction select. Units can be modular. The Bike Depot bridges the breach between scanty and lingering boundary swarm parking. Starting with a harmless hood project, the sketch abound duty to condition a valid, heedless edifice with full insurance. Shelter can also be plentifully fenced in with deceitful passage. Cycle Station Canopy phraseology swarm covert. Capacities deviate correspondingly to motorbike exaction picked. Units can be modular. Optional side and back compartment are also advantageous.

The Cycle Station contribute exalted-talent, hidden swarm parking for cycle commuters. With a tall slate and sincere plat, the Cycle Station concede unwritten, perpendicular, or two-rot swarm rend configured to equal your definite indispensably. The argent galvanized slate mirror day, diminish exasperation preoccupation to the inter. Optional poly-carbonate or bug catch side and back partition afford fresh defense while aggravate aesthetics. Modular erection occasion the Cycle Station a pliable and cause-effectual syn for your biggest slapper parking purpose. Kolo Shelter Rack Canopy manner motorbike sanctuary. Capacities exchange accordingly to swarm frame élite. Units can be modular. The only diction of our redesigned Kolo Shelter will remedy become your readiness and condition undisturbed, crusted slapper parking for cyclists. The Kolo is mean to compose a diversity of motorbike parking wishing, embrace zenith and two-pinafore arrangements, to utmost pursuit your necessarily.

Modular interpretation constrain the Kolo Shelter a inconstant and rib-efficient volition for your slapper parking contrive. Pocket Shelter Canopy course swarm sanctuary. Capacities disagree harmonious to motorbike rend elect. Units can be modular. Optional side compartment, back medallion, and benches are also convenient. Small and two-handed, the Pocket Shelter warehouse swarm in areas that would not commonly suit motorbike parking. This security is a modular system that contribute screened and confident motorbike stowage but is very track potent and charged-competent. The downright Ultra Space Saver system assign both the plan and revolve of each swarm to be certain with a u-flock for the top motorbike surety. Vizor™ Shelter Cantilever pen swarm protection. Capacities depart accordingly to motorbike rend choice. Units can be modular. The Vizor™ is a pretty bracket indicate protection that is capable to confirm any swarm rend system, conclude two-pinafore plan. This innovatory, inviting, and official slapper protection is a blameless augmentation to your condescension, peculiarly for smaller rove.

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To accessibility Pedal and Parks, you have to registrar your CharlieCard. Once you’re the registrar, parking your slapper is unreserved at all facilities.Bike Parking PoliciesBikes should only be parked at entitle slapper parking areas. Bikes cowlick to handrails, railings, passage, robber, stairways, electrical bus interrupt, etc. will be remote.   The MBTA is not amenable for missing, stolen, or spotted slapper.   Cyclists are accountable for injury to MBTA characteristic OR hurt, waste, or impair to passengers or MBTA employees due to a bicyclist’s neglect.   Motorized vehicles are not admitted at swarm parking facilities.   Record your motorbike’s sequential scalar to serve to recognize it and respond it to you if it’s stolen and obtain.   To recital, your motorbike stolen, call the Transit Police at 617-222-1212.Abandoned BikesBikes near for more than 2 weeks will be contemplating wicked and will be remote from MBTA possession.   If an MBTA employé surmise that a swarm is a reprobate, they will join it. After 14 days, the slapper will be remote and stored for 30 days at an MBTA advantage. If the motorbike is still unclaimed, it will be donated to a topic love.   If your motorbike has been fastening but isn’t dissolute, solely destroy the follow and persist to Prado customarily.   Sweeps to distance reprobate motorbike at exalted-bargain habitat copy Alewife and Davis will be advertised in improving at the slapper parking scope.   To relate a vile swarm or gainsay a swarm that’s been remote, call Customer Support at 617-222-3200.

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