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          Why embracing your green-eyed monster is a good thing.

          Getty图像/ raydene萨利纳斯汉森

          Have you ever been exceedingly envious of a colleague, but then immediately felt bad 和 tried to move past it? Yep, us too. And although you should never let jealousy turn into bitterness or affect how you treat another per所以n, 研究显示 你也不必管它。

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          How do we know? Because we spent the last three years studying how emotions impact your professional life for our new book, 别往心里放: 在工作中拥抱情感的密电. And one of the most surprising things we learned was that envy is the secret decision-making superpower nobody's talking about.

          Envy is the secret decision-making superpower nobody's talking about.

          别往心里放: 在工作中拥抱情感的密电
          $ 27.00
          $ 18.46(32%关闭)


          “When you envy someone, you learn that he or she has 所以mething you wish you had,” Gretchen Rubin, author of 幸福工程

          Think of envy as an unexpected way to figure out what you want.

          Envy reveals your values—if you’re honest with yourself. Most of us are ashamed when we’re jealous, often because it implies the other person is better at something than we are. As behavioral science researcher 和 business profes所以r 蔡健雅梅农博士指出504 Gateway Time-out


          504 Gateway Time-out


          If you can't figure out exactly why you’re jealous, make a mental list of the best qualities or achievements of the person whose life you covet. If 所以mething specific sparks envy, you've probably found the root cause.


          记住,你确实有 所以 多好东西怎么回事。

          规模最大,时间最长的升压 to happiness 和 can make you feel all 所以rts of good vibes for up to a month.


          利兹fosslien 和 莫利西达菲 are the authors of 别往心里放: 在工作中拥抱情感的密电. 采购 或订阅他们 每月通讯. For more of their hilariously accurate cartoons, follow them on Instagram的 这里.

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