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the grinch
You Can Actually Get Paid $1,000 to Binge-Watch All Your Favorite Christmas Movies

What are you waiting for? Apply now! 🎄🙌

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Clad in Hawain shirts, Emily Hickey of Gorham, right, holds her son Clayton, 10 months and talks wi
This Is What Trader Joe’s Employees Actually Make

No wonder they’re always so nice!

How Troian Bellisario Created Her Own ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ Narrative

“Don’t wait for someone to create a story for you.”

Glad To Waste Less Event With Ayesha Curry
How Ayesha Curry Proved Everyone Wrong

“Chipping away at people’s perception of me—that I wasn’t worthy of being in this culinary industry—was a difficult task.”

These De-Stressing Tips Actually—No, Like Really—Work
Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, founders of theSkimm, spill all the tea on how to keep your cool in this excerpt from their new book…
7 Women Reveal What It’s Like to Make More Money Than Their Dudes

Quick Q: How do you split your rent?

You Can Thank These Women for Our First Female President (You Know, *Eventually*)

Three young presidential campaign staffers tell us what life on the trail is really like.

Land a Job Where You Don’t Have to Get Out of Your Pajamas

Puppies. There are puppies.

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After a Nearly Fatal Car Crash, Jackie Cruz Thought She’d Never Make It in Hollywood

The Orange Is the New Black star’s story of resilience is awe inspiring.

How Sofia Carson Landed Her Role in 'Descendants'

It definitely wasn't easy.

Four Women Explain Exactly How They Demanded Equal Day

TFW making money moves is a systemic problem.

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History-Making Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu Talks Life After the Olympics

“I’ve really had to go on a hunt and figure out who I am.”

How Julia Michaels Went From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage

Her story is the definition of inspiring.

How to Be Hungover at Work and Not Get Fired

Gatorade won't cut it this time.

15 Foolproof Ways to Call Out of Work

These little white lies are completely ridiculous—but they totally worked.

Casual PSA: Jealousy Can Actually Help You at Work

Why embracing your green-eyed monster is a good thing.

I Paid Off My $110,000 Student Loan Debt Before I Turned 30

The totally doable way one woman crushed her student debt—and still had a life.

Adam Rippon Thought He Might Never Make It to the Olympics

"The difference between feeling like a champion and not feeling like a champion is just a mindset."