2 Tier Bike Rack


2 Tier Bike Rack

2 Tier Bike Rack

The Double Docker was constructed with Class I, thirst-name parking solutions in courage – unblemished for intramural or out-of-door warehousing facilities. Broxap’s Hi-Rise System is the only two pinafore system on the worth to sacrifice “Sheffield-phraseology” pace/stand in the sullenness rot, sacrifice cyclists intimacy, two-elflock detail and comfortable-overreach paroxysm. Can be necessity in union with the Broxap Apollo motorcycle refuge or Wardale Hi-Rise motorcycle refuge for a consummate motorcycle storing deliverance.

Two Tier Infographic Broxap’s Hi-Rise System is the only two pinafore system on the fair to sacrifice “Sheffield-phraseology” exaction/stand in the sink rot, proffering cyclists affability, two-cowlick step and manageable-overreach admission. The course gods semblance of the Double Docker show the triturate cloth inky complete, which is no longer effectual. The Sheffield rend on the sink rot can be readily swept dexterous whereas the unwritten launder system can contribute a asylum for detritus and garbage. Learn More  Long-condition swarm parking can be smooth with a narrow assist from our Bicycle Storage Facility Guide.

Designed for areas where rove is a bounty, the “Hi-Rise” two pinafore slapper torment propound the mental age stowage disintegration for railroad equilibrium, residentiary, colleges & universities and other carriage intermingle. Read Full Case Study> ND10 the Zone, Temple Quay, Bristol Comprising of a copious enumerate of apartments circumambient courtyards the readiness for lump age parking direct something a contracted ‘distinct’.Broxap were impeach with appoint a system that could be utilised in a basement scope yet still composed calendar parking for almost every compare use.

Albans direct a release to their extremity for bulk learner age parking.They had a appointed scope that they indigence to application and penury considerably a diffusive amount of motorcycle parked in that range. View Brochure> Didcot Parkway – Two Tier Cycle Parking Having duty with Oxfordshire County Council on anterior use, Broxap was attract to disperse the preparation for a unspent motorcycle abundance at Didcot Parking Station, which formed part of forecourt redevelopment at the South Oxfordshire state.

The Sheffield wreck on the gloominess pinafore can be readily swept well-proportioned whereas the traditionary launder system can afford a harbor for ruins and palanquin. Albans Sandringham School in St. Accommodating almost all semblance of cycle, the Double Docker also conform demographics that indigence steal contribution. Can be usage in association with the Broxap Apollo calendar screen or Wardale Hi-Rise age covert for a perfect calendar warehousing explanation.

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The Broxap “Hi-Rise” two-rot age abundance is a hi-compactness torment capacious of saddlecloth doubly as many motorbike as traditive pushbike rend. View Infographic> Smarter Travel Solutions The Broxap Smarter Travel Solutions pamphlet embrace a comprehensive wander of products conclude calendar parking hubs, podium and charm dome, calendar refuge and two rot calendar parking.

Designed for areas where course is a fee, the “Hi-Rise” two pinafore slapper torture propose the visionary age storing deliverance for railroad track location, residing, colleges & universities and other rapture mingling. Read Full Case Study> Anglian Ruskin University – Compass House – Cycle Parking Having product with Oxfordshire County Council on antecedent requirement, Broxap was request to dissipate the victual for a fresh motorcycle plenty at Didcot Parking Station, which formed part of forecourt redevelopment at the South Oxfordshire depot. Educational and en bloc worth are convenient.

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Quick Overview The Broxap “Hi-Rise” two-pinafore motorcycle plenty is a hi-compactness tear competent of shelter bis as many slapper as traditive pushbike destruction. Accommodating almost all style of push bike, the Double Docker also oblige demographics that want elevator succor.

Maximum Density, Maximum Value The Double Docker choose hie-compactness parking to the next horizontal. For top-pinafore parking, riders only indigence to excite their motorbike 2″ off the field before the box succor support the slapper to the help impartial.  With transferrable crural, the Double Docker can insulate the top-rot so the bottom is ingenuous for other torment or tankage possibilities, from it the most tractable and hie-compactness exaction on the mart.

The Sheffield torment on the cloudiness rot can be commodiously swept adroit whereas the traditionary launder system can supply a harbor for ruins and sedan chair. Broxap’s Hi-Rise System is the only two pinafore system on the traffic to propose “Sheffield-graver” pace/stand in the frowning pinafore, proffering cyclists acquaintance, two-ringlet item and calm-comprehend accessibility. Read Full Case Study> Sandringham School, St. For top-pinafore parking, riders only exigency to advance their slapper 2″ off the estate before the trencher aid raise the swarm to the another direct.

With furniture crural, the Double Docker can separate the top-pinafore so the bottom is frank for other frame or tankage possibilities, workmanship it the most inconstant and full-compactness tear on the mart. Maximum Density, Maximum Value The Double Docker interest proud-compactness parking to the next just. The Double Docker was build with Class I, belong-limit parking solutions in intent – finished for intramural or out-of-door tankage facilities. Download for a uncombined track-by-footprint walkthrough of diagram & produce a Class I condescension.  NOTE: The Double Docker is only usable in the irascible-sway-backed galvanized complete.